5th House – the Celebration of Life

5th house is a honeymoon phase, the breathless dates, the fire that ignites the passion and the fire if lucky keeps it for a lifetime.

Love is a risk of the heart.

This house indicates whether there will be children, or obstacles to the parenthood.

Planets in the 5th house compel a psychological need to shine, create and live large.

Look here in the pursuit of pleasures that make life worth living.

5th house keywords:

  • conscious person – an intentional presentation of ego, life as a theater, personal charm;
  • romance & love – dating; distinctive way how love is proposed; love as an exaltation of ego,
  • personal creativity – all kinds of self-expression
  • risk in any competition relating to personal excellence

Theoretically, at this point of a space we are fully aware of ourselves. We have self-awareness (1st house), we self-determined ourselves in our bodies (2nd house), learn our environment (3rd house) and acquired security and a sense of personal significance by satisfying our emotional needs (4th house).
Now we have reached the highest point of a space for our personal growth, and we are entering a new phase of accumulation of experience.

And all the things tells us the 5 th house relates to conscious risk. Here we have to create a personality that will be able to gain attention, love and approval of other people. You are an actor on a stage, aware of the presence of the public.

Excellence height will be to make your “act” is so convincing, so that general public won’t guess about it. If you play well, you will be able to dissolve in a personality you want to project. This does not mean that you give up your own “I”, but you connect your hidden temperament with your personality. You, will increase their efficiency as an individual and ignite your creative forces.

“The world is a theatre, and all the people are actors”. Fifth House is a realm of life experience, where we are aware of the theatricality of life. Each one of us is the “star” in our own “movie”. We rise on stage every time we communicate with someone, give a presentation in a spirit of our own, carefully selected roles. We seek to portray ourselves extraordinarily unique, regardless of the variety of roles we have to play. Anyone with whom we come into contact, we consider as an audience or a critic, and we aim to entertain them, win them, convince them that our show is a creativity.

The fifth and opposite it 11th house form romantic love axle. In the 5th house we are lovers, and in the 11th house we are beloved. Experience of 5th house -is active, conscious courtship. Romantic courtship requires a creation of a magnificent play whether you be accepted or rejected by an object of your sighs. You are standing in the courtyard with a Spanish guitar and singing love songs in a hope that she will appear on a balcony with smile and a rose – a symbol of acceptance of your love. Experience of opening a heart, despite a risk of rejection is the essence of personal creativity.

In the 5th house, the creation of love for another person is accented. To a large extent, this action is similar to a theatrical performance where a person play a role of a lover, seeking ways of delivering pleasure to a loved one which reinforces believe on oneself and creative abilities.

The fifth house is also an area of competition, which embodies a sense of calling, a deliberate test of ego skills. This area includes the traditional sports, especially paired species, such as tennis or boxing, where people rely only on themselves.


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