8th house – the Gates of the Almighty

The 7th house reaches the top of an intimate relationship between the people in the area of commitments and promises. It is one thing to promise to “love, respect, cherish,” and quite another thing is to fulfill what is promised.

If the 7th house can be viewed as a marriage ceremony, the 8th house symbolizes a honeymoon and everything that comes to us in the course of a long life together. Eighth house is considering an exit of a personality beyond the limits of its own shell with the aim of merging with what is beyond. This applies in particular to an alliance with other people and to any and all areas of life together with them.

The eighth house is opposite of the 2nd house, and the quality of the house is value, — and value attains in interactions. Plutonian nature of the 8th house requires giving up individuality for the sake of gaining a new value and significance. If you want to ascend to a new level and become better than you are; if you want improve your life with a help of a union and fusion with others; — then you must sacrifice something, — something has to die. Thus, a classical interpretation of the 8th house is associated with death.

This is not a simple departure from life. It is going beyond ourselves and returning inwardly, recreating the struggle of birth. It is a process of death and rebirth which is performed by depth of partnership and a personal search of required transformation. The paradox lies in the fact that you have to trust the partner, and yet you have to jump alone.

Eighth house is a region of mysteries. “What is beyond me? If I I perish, if I leave beyond the limits of own my shell? Will this be my end or the beginning of a new path?” —  This house is an area of experimenting, and is linked to occult and intuition.

The 8th house is a union – an experience of living together; a power and trust in relationships.
Seventh House declared an agreement and equality in partnership. Eighth house turns these concepts into reality. Eight house symbolizes the fulfillment of what was proclaimed, just as a honeymoon is a continuation of a marriage ceremony.

Trust and faith in a partner is central. Without trust, a true partnership is not possible and, of course, same goes for a true Union. Without faith, openness is impossible; receptivity is impossible. A process of giving and receiving often turns into a fight if it is conducted from the defensive trenches. However, if there is a faith and trust, magic occurs.

The second house symbolizes self-esteem. Eighth house symbolizes a reverse process – an assessment through partnerships. This is an indirect assessment of oneself in conjunction with a partner judgment, and this judgment generated by an individual based one perception of a partner reaction.

The 8 th house shows how important are values that a person holds together with a partner, but also shows a method how partnership is created as a harmonious union.

To be worthy to enter the union, it is necessary to sacrifice certain aspects of a personal life. Sometimes a change is a very shallow, and the other time is fundamental. In rare cases, it could lead to a total change in a person. In any way, something in person is going to die. Thus, the 8 th house symbolizes “death experience”, which is felt whenever a person surrenders to a wider reality and goes beyond the ego.

Eight house symbolizes a true sexual union and tantric liberation.
Eighth house – the last of the three “sex” houses after 2nd house, which accenting pure sensuality and pleasure; and 5th house where attentions are transformed to a creation of love. Both of these houses are below the horizon, so they are subjective and personal.

Eighth house is a house of western hemisphere, and is aimed at human interaction. Eight House is above a horizon, so it symbolizes objectivity of sexual experience. The second house is pleasures are born. The 5th house builds momentum and risk excitement. The 8th house is a culmination of collaborative relationship, its implementation, and transformation the release of orgasm.

8th House is centered intuition; non-rational awareness in a particular context of interpersonal relationships.
Eighth house is the second house of the three “intuitive” houses (the others houses are 4 th & 12 th).

State of the 8th house indicates a natural style and an importance of relationship-oriented intuitive contacts in a person’s life.

Joint property is a real legacy created by the relationship: joint finances, ownership or property.
All partnerships manage material resources, and, by definition, these resources are co-owned. Land, property and possessions – all this relates to the 8 th house, if it is a part of partnership. Thus, any inheritance or gift received by the family or by marriage – is the scope of the 8 th house.

Eighth house symbolizes all the money earned in partnership, while the 2nd house symbolizes money earned by one partner.


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