Ace of Cups – Destiny cards – Search for Happiness – Dec 30

Ace of Cups is a first card in the deck, so they are young souls like Aries they tend to make a lot of mistakes and prone to selfishness. They may have no patience in things they do and could be very impulsive. They have a lot of courage, yet they need to cultivate wisdom to go with courage. They need to look before they leap to achieve desired outcome.

Ace of Hearts enjoy luxury things, and sometimes their extravagant taste can be too expensive for the budget. Often, Ace of Hearts has a dominating mother, wife or female partner and men with Ace of Hearts birthday gravitate to strong independent women.

Jupiter/Uranus in the Life Spread

Mercury/Mercury in a Spiritual Spread

First Karma Card – Ace of Diamonds

Second Karma Card – 3 of Cups

Ace of cups is Uranus card in Jupiter Line. It displaced Ace of diamonds in a Spiritual Spread.

Ace is a desire and desire for harmony at home.

In the divine plan, Ace of Cups is a first step out and love is a fundamental motivation.

The first card in spiritual spread is 3 of cups which is indecision and uncertainty about love, marriage, children, and where their affection lies in general. Ace of Cups is not sure if a love should be a motivation force and the greatest things in the world until Ace of Cups sees what it can do for Ace of Cups.

Ace of Cups displaces Ace of Diamonds and it confirms that money will be emphasis. Money may be desired for unselfish reasons.

Ace of Cups Uranus position gives evidence that occult knowledge is of interest – but displacement of Ace of Diamonds requires tangible confirmation, and it will be always uncertainty and skepticism because of influence of 3 of cups.

As Uranus in Jupiter position, astrologically it equivalents to a trine between Uranus and Jupiter (in the destiny card, – not necessary in the astrological chart of a person). This individual definitely has a very unique way of thinking and views on life.

Ace of Cups is the only one birthday which is December 30th ruled by Capricorn and Saturn, seriously-minded person who often is in conflict with himself. Saturn represent structure and well-grounded way of thinking and restrictions, and Uranus is a planet of progressing innovation that aids to revolutionary way of thinking. The way Ace of Cups will behave will depend upon his environment and spiritual development form very strict and conservative person who avoids conflicts at all costs, he can be focused on helping others and will have a humanitarian focus.

Ace of Cups will love to live in comfort without conflicts. Ace of Cups also is very ambitious and wants to achieve a lot in his professional life. He cares where he stands and wants also others to think that his relations and family are perfect.

Ace of Cups is best suited as a professional person or a bureaucrat. At home, he will hardly want to do anything like cleaning and cooking or do mental work. Spiritual or metaphysical works also will bring disappointments. If Ace of Cups gets involved in career associated with money, money chasing will dominate him and his thinking. Ace of Cups could have a constant worry that there is not enough money, and this creates a lot of stress and even physical sickness. At times, Ace of Cups is pulled in too many directions to make money, and they worry too much because of that. They have a challenge to create a structure around their goals and possibilities. They can achieve great results and recognition if they find quiet time away from their work.

They also are very creative, can cultivate a talent to write or paint.

Men are usually very good fathers, not necessarily honest husbands.

Women are usually good mothers as their personality card is Queen of Cups, which bring them kind and friendly attitude. On the negative side, they can be over demanding, liking to flirt and selfish.

It is very important to check individual astrology chats before reading cards of destiny to an Ace of Cups.

Ace of Cups shall think before choosing a career as a doctor. In fact, they should stay away form illness, hospitals and better to look for other professions.

They can do well in real estate and sales. They can do counselors and educations.


Ace of Cups likes new adventures and they might seek love experiences at every turn. They are emotionally restless when they enter relations.

Men – Ace of Cups – look for women with means or talents. Generally they are concerned with their own needs. They can be independent and very materialistic.

There is always a conflict between their need to love themselves and they need to be loved by others. They could even have indecision of who they are and what they are doing here on earth.

They tend to follow intellectual approach to love,- and somehow they could be more intuitive at making money or creating something new. They constantly need to validate experience in love. They cannot understand love and apply self-discovery with many different experiences that will follow their investigation.

Ace of Cups needs to look inside themselves instead of searching love in others, and find answers. Once they love themselves, things will be calming down and smoothing out. It is harder for them to concentrate than for other aces. But eventually they will get focused and find answers to what they are looking for.

They need to look to the questions what makes them happy and how they best achieve satisfaction.

They are loners and somehow they need to see good qualities within them to see them in other people.

Ace of Cups has hard time to concentrate and has short attention span. They are like Gemini children…

Ace of Diamonds in Mercury

Huge ambitions and desire for money starts in early life. They are interested in joining businesses that promise big returns and large clientele. They want to be friends of important and influential people. They want to be partners and in most times are freak-controls. Sometimes they can go to extremes not willing to share with others.

Queen of Diamonds in Venus (we left Jupiter line and the rest of the sequence falls in Saturn)

Ace of Diamonds are attracted to women with means who make leaving of creative ventures – acting, paining, etc. Men tend to marry women who are independent and having their own business. They like women with social status as well and domineering and strong women.

Mars Card – 5 of Cups

Both men and women shall keep their word and avoid tendency to break promises.

Both men and women love to experience with their emotions and emotional situations. Women could be very masculine and need to learn to operate under Personality Card (Queen of Cups) to be more gentle and magnetic.

Men could be constantly on the move and shows that they can work with other men.

3 of Clubs in Jupiter

Lots of uncertainty and worries about the business. They may change lots of occupations. They always worry and doubt about choices they make. They usually keep two businesses because they are uncertain of money.

They should avoid gambling because they lose and make a wrong bets.

3 of Spades in Saturn

There will be always health concerns. Yoga and concentration are highly recommended. They burn themselves at work, then worry, and they get sick.

They also apt to absorb lines that is why it is to recommended for them to work in hospitals or be around  sick people. When they feel unwell, they develop depression and negative state of mind.

There could be illness of family members in the family, and they take upon responsibility to help and care. They have a very strong sense of duty in this respect.

Their financial worries also can affect their health.

They must follow rules, and if involved in Law, they should never be guilty of injustice in any form. Otherwise, they be caught and punished.

Ace of Cups can be miraculously cured if just take worry out of their minds. This is actually true for all aces.

Uranus – 9 of Cups

Love affairs always expensive. Interesting that a person tries to follow rules and get into calculating marriages, yet lose and often marriage ends in disappointments.

Ace of Cups tries to understand and calculate motives of others and gets very skeptical and disappointed. Ace of Cups sets wrong or unrealistic expectations and then gets hurt that things are really different. They dissatisfied at work because they realize their efforts are not paid as they think it should.

They should be beware of their jealously and avoid it at all costs.

9 of Cups can bring unexpected love affairs and other gifts if they learn to connect and be honest and open.

7 of Clubs in Neptune

They could be very skeptical toward religion. They want truth and have evidence. They are easily confused with their believes.

Both sexes are better off if they are working under their personality cards.

Men acting under the Kind of Spades can learn to reorganize their lives and believes system.

Women acting under the Queen of Cups will prefer marriage to the business world.

Ace of Cups needs to get the best education they can get, this will help them to make practical use of their knowledge.

7 of Clubs is a card of confusion. They confused that they are dreaming about.  They are confused what is real and what is not real. Whenever there is too much responsibility on them or they have hard time to keep promises, they try to escape from reality.

They need to be calm, keep balance and common sense.

7 of Clubs can bring great spiritual insights, yet Ace of Cups needs to work really hard.

Their 5 of Diamonds is Pluto card and combined with Ace of Spades Cosmic Reward Card indicate life-long issues of changing values. 5 of Diamonds makes them worry about money. So their own restlessness stops them form success.

Ace of Cups to be happy needs to be successful. When they develop their abilities and talents, they get recognition. They create their individual power and take responsibility.

  • The emotional power that Ace of Cups have is directly dependent on his or her ideas and ideals, and therefore set clear and realistic goals.
  • The desire for novelty and bright experiences can lead to radical life changes or travel.
  • Ace of Cups needs to use vision and imagination to achieve outstanding results in creative projects
  • Doubtful ideas, excessive self-absorption and impulsive actions can give Ace of Cups complicated emotional experience.
  • Developing understanding and sympathy helps Ace of Cups to be successful: the amazing fruits are kind attitude towards people goes both ways.
  • People of Ace of Cups can inspire us to new, interesting pursuits and we also be grateful to share dreams and ideals together. Even if you establish a subtle emotional connection with Ace of Cups, stay pragmatic.


Tiger Woods is an Ace of Cups. It is very interesting to read his vivid life stories and scandals.



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