Destiny cards – Aces – Progress and Aspiration

Aces represent desires. The very first impulse is to reach out for what one’s desires. An ace is contunie to fight to get whatever they want throughout their lives. Spades want wisdom, Clubs what knowledge, Diamonds want their dreams have come true, and Cups  desire for universal love, greatest things in the world, and mutual communication.

Aces need to keep being positive and have great attitude of their mind. If aces are centered and spiritual, their judgement and values are at their rightful use.

Aces represent individual selves. Best if aces are focused on themselves and concentrated on their own plan of life, going after greatness and achievements. Aces like no other cards need to go threw various initiations – learning form their feelings and emotions, threw their concentration of their minds toward education and their goals, implementing their spiritual values and dreams into tangible material assets connecting their spiritual and material together, and completing their road to wisdom and enlightenment leaving behind their weaknesses and ripping off roots of their afflictions.

Regardless of their gender, Aces represent masculine energy, they love competition, and women have masculine minds – thinking and acting like a man would.

Aces know how to create and they need to live in a constant chain of creating one creation after the other.

It seems that they get energy form high above – an extra creative force – to go forward and create something new. They need to see their ideas and projects come to life. They take a great pleasure at learning process – they like seeing, hearing, tasting and touching. They can be great explorers and can discover  great things that nobody could see before.

From a young age, parents need to put great efforts into teaching aces patience. I could bring you an example of myself. When I was 8, I found a new friend (6 of cups) that is my best friend until now. None of my parent saw how I did my home exercises. I was rushing, so I was doing my home exercises standing. So my friend who was 6 months older, took my notebook and destroyed it and made me write an assignment with patience and with care, so I would not make mistakes. – I was very thankful. It did not appear to me that I needed to apply my patience and my perfectionism to get A for my assignments, instead of B.

Another Aces habit is a habit of interrupting others, because they understand faster than a person can finish their sentence and they already want to comment. A parent should teach an Ace kid that this is rude.

Aces are very loving, and if they do not pay attention to you is not because they dislike you, but because they have something very important to do at that very moment.

Being an Ace, I find myself always running. I even needed to lean to be lady-like and walk slowly because I read in the book that if I walk slow, people respect me better instead of what I would love to do all the time, run after the train that has not yet arrived at the station thinking I could be late.

All Aces are charming and carrying and they could hide their kind hearts. Aces need appreciation of other people to feel complete. They need to do something that makes their efforts of universal love and importance.

Aces really are longing for perfect friends and perfect partners.

Most of the time, Aces have great communication skills. At least, from a very yearly age they needed to express themselves to show their parents what they want and why. In most cases, children aces ask their parents for additional educational classes as well as show that they are gifted in some skills.

Aces form a young age try to make as many friends as possible and surround themselves with friends and admirers.

Aces are more that any other cards need to be alone to recharge. They are very individualistic. They need time to explore who they are. – Being an ace, I find myself melting with other people (especially those who are the closest to be, especially if my friends are somewhat controlling). I need to remember who I am and separate myself from other people and desires or I feel being lost in other desires. When I am honest with myself, at most of times I find myself a loaner – like I do not want to share my dreams and desires unless they have been successfully implemented. – I also find myself to be hiding my friends and relations. At some point, I could physically feel people’s jealousy and how it takes my luck away.

Aces have energy of an Aries, the first sign of a zodiac. Like Aries, they need to be the first, and the best, and they at least try to be experts at every field. Aces never carry negative thoughts, – they get angry, they explode and everybody immediately forgiven and all forgotten. You really need to push hard to make Ace confused for long period of time. Ace being self-centered could stuck if an ace gets into a situation he cannot control, and even for a moment an Ace could lose the self-esteem. But being a very stubborn sign, Ace will find a solution or asks advice form a right person.

Ace would not keep relations with those who are jealous at them or whomever to show them disrespect in public. They also would not keep a relations with those who have no abilities and lazy and constantly trying to ask favors. They help, but they help people to become independent.

All Aces are in constant search for themselves. Ace of Cups can search of universal love and they find themselves in friends and activities. Ace of Clubs likes to read and find answers threw other people’s experiences. Ace of diamonds can have a conflict because they do not know what to chose – love or career or fast money.

I would somewhat disagree with common believe that Ace of Spades is unlucky at love. I think Ace of Spades is a loner and in as all Aces ego-centric and focused on oneself. They face perfect relations, yet they need freedom and cannot stand any attachments and nearly everything be felt like an invasion into their privacy. So they are not marriagable types. I used to believe that for somebody to love, they need to need you. – So I believed that if I am a celebrity or if I am one of the best professionals in the field it makes me a good candidate because men in general care how a woman look in the society. So the popularity selects a barrier or a distance and many men will never even approach such a woman.  Many men would not consider to have a woman who is smarter and brighter than them. It will always create a conflict. So definitely by having all those barriers – it is better to be alone or to attract who really kinder, smarter and brighter who will set you as an example for future spiritual goals.

I would consider Ace of Spades the most ambitions cards in the deck.

Many people we can say spend more time to select their food choices than their partners. So Aces (may be with an exception of Ace of Diamonds) spend a great deal of time to find a perfect partner. At least, the good thing they always know what they want and they can express it really well.

The biggest challenge for all aces is their perfectionism and they need to love and accept themselves for who they are. Since there is too much fo a masculine energy, they need their actions to be productive and they need to get accomplishments. They value themselves based on their accomplishments. It could be a mistake because not everything is easy to accomplish. So aces need to look into their souls within.

Keywords for Aces

Positive: Individualization, Leadership, Progress, Accomplishments, Kindness, Focus, Energy

Negative: Self-centered, Dictatorship, Ambition, Cynicism

Aces need to love themselves and find good qualities within while doing self-search.

As a parent, you need to teach your kid as many skills as you can. They are very gifted and learn fast via experience. You need to teach your kid self love and self acceptance. You need to teach a kid not to be perfectionist and show how proud you are. You always need to reason with your ace kid because they won’t do what you ask for if they do not understand why this is important. Never make a kid do something – always ask for it and teach your ace kid to be independent, so they will be ready. If you will put boundaries, watch and see how fast your kid be glad to escape form family home and dwell themselves far far away, not to feel any obligations or pressure.


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