Capricorn – Horoscope – Talismans

Capricorn is a sign that is resistant to external influences, is hardworking, judicious, responsible and persistent. His love of leadership is not due to the desire of the authority, but because Capricorn considers himself better than many other individuals. Most of Capricorns have an overestimated self-esteem, and it is reinforced by the fact that their dreams in most cases come true and they consider among the happiest representatives of horoscopes.

Capricorn is a single-minded sign, he has enough strength and faith to go step by step to the goal he wants to achieve. Caution and foresight are one of the main qualities of this Capricorn.

Man Capricorn

It may seem that Capricorn prefers loneliness, in fact, it is not true. In secret, he likes to subjugate the crowd, in his dreams he is an amazing romantic, but Saturn restrains his nature. This harsh planet of discipline requires from Capricorn calm behavior, practical actions, and serious intentions. This is his cross, which he carries.
Capricorn, in fact, is a dreamer who is looking for excitement and adventure.

Aspiring to perfection, Man Capricorn will choose his wife very carefully. He needs a woman who will be a good wife; she must cook well and be obedient and loyal. She also should be well-dressed, smart and well-mannered. A good gift to your Capricorn will be a book of your poems because he wants you to be emotionally intelligent and romantic nature.

Woman Capricorn

It is difficult to describe a typical Capricorn woman. She can be a proper lady with glasses or a beautiful dancer. But whatever she does, her actions are secrets guided by Saturn. She will shine, flirt, fascinate men.A Woman Capricorn can be also calm, cold, mysterious, sitting on a marble pedestal, and you will have to work hard to win her hand. But whatever she does, she always has one goal – steel determination to grab the Mister Right, the man she can be proud of.

A female Capricorn will build her future based on her financial solvency and independence. She dreams of buying and doing whatever she wants, regardless of the price.

Stones for Man Capricorn to Reinforce a Good Fortunate

Jupiter is the Lord of Capricorns of the first decade – those who are born on December 22 to January 2 – Jupiter. These Capricorns go through life confidently and calmly, simultaneously accumulating material and useful knowledge. They always have their own opinion.

Their powerful gems are agate, serpentine, rock crystal, amethyst, bloody jasper, malachite and tiger’s eye.

Capricorns of a second decade born on 3 to 13 January usually are very active and can lead people. However, if they bored form activities, they can turn into boring housekeepers. Heliotrope, sardonyx, chalcedony, onyx, opal, and chrysoprase can light the fire inside Capricorn and give a push to action.

Capricorns born from January 14 to January 20 belong to the Capricorns of the third decade. They are protected by the sun. Capricorns of the third decade need stones that can feed them with energy.

Sapphire, opal, tourmaline, garment, ruby, alexandrite, zircon, and hyacinth will help in the fruitful work, which the representatives of this sign love so much, and will not let go of the heat in the process of the activity.


Gems for Woman Capricorn


will help the Capricorn Woman to reveal herself, teach her how to express her feelings and release her from dependence on public opinion. This gem will give a good mood, give strength to achieve the desired goal and prompt a wise solution to the problem.

The most suitable talisman for young unmarried Capricorn Girls is carnelian.

The stone will help to relax and calm down (it positively affects the nervous system). Gemstone will help to preserve youth, contribute to the preservation of youth and beauty, bestows luck in love. The owner of this stone will get the ability and strength to fulfill his wildest desires.

is capable of destroying the wall that the Capricorn Woman unknowingly builds between herself and the world. This gem will teach the owner not to look for dirty tricks in every word said, will tell what people should be trusted. Rock crystal will make the Capricorn Woman softer, more emotional and sociable.

gives the Capricorn Woman longevity and health, protects from dangers and gossip, energizes. The gem can make the owner more sexual, interesting and attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. Agate protects the family from poverty and quarrels, forging a bond between generations. The talisman will help in achieving career heights.



Opal will eliminate and weaken some of the impartial character traits of this sign of the Zodiac: tediousness, selfishness, propensity for depression. Gem will inspire confidence in Capricorn and will calm. Opal will learn to draw strength from communication with people and make the representative of this sign more interesting.


Capricorn, as a sign that aspires to the heights of financial well-being and power, a ruby will do. He will give decisiveness and courage, will help to win the respect and trust of the team. Gems protect from envy, protect against violence. The mineral will help create and preserve the family, bring love, bestow happiness. If Capricorn gives a ruby to someone who is deeply sympathetic to him, the stone will kindle a reciprocal feeling.

Malachite has the ability to multiply spiritual power. Those Capricorns, who want to conquer the heights of scientific knowledge, should have malachite.

Hyacinth will stay in his master’s best features: dedication, perseverance, and patience. This gem will help during the next series of failures: the stone will cheer up Capricorn and stay in its cheerfulness. Protect against attacks by enemies and draw luck is able onyx. This mineral will have a strengthening effect on the nervous system.

Onyx in the ring will give Capricorn the strength to defend his interests. Gemstone will relieve insomnia, anxiety, and fear.

Zircon will be able to give self-confidence and optimism. This stone will develop Capricorn intuition.

Jade is one of the strongest talismans of Capricorn. Especially it helps those representatives who wish to change something in their lives and those who are in love. Capricorns, deviating from the right path, jade will sign, be changing the color, how to act properly. Awaken the intuition

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