Destiny Cards – Diamonds – Abundance with Domination Over it and Treasures in Heaven

Whatever we want in your lives, our minds will try to make up good reasons why we should have it. Amrit Desai

After the Fire and the Breath, the first command for Abundance was given to Water – the element associated with Diamonds. Diamond allows to the light to pass through with practically no loss. Diamonds (and jewels in general) look for quality of its “water” when judging the value of its stone.

People think of Diamonds as money; actually, diamonds represent the true values. The rich man has “treasures in heaven.

The “Positive” Diamonds are generous, philanthropical, dispensing prosperity for a greater cause.

The “Negative Diamonds” are materialistic, avaricious, willing to cause hardship and misery for profit. The ruling planet of Diamonds is Jupiter.

Diamonds are the adults and dislike treated like children, being told what to do or to be patronized. As a Spades, I am very attracted to Diamonds because they are far more interesting than Hearts or Clubs, and they understand (sometimes subconsciously the true value of things). Once the Diamond person gets married, he gets a price for a spouse and the spouse family. They are constantly exploring what is worth and what is not.

I heard one Diamond said that if you do not like something, do not do it or walk away. They like to do what they please, and they allow others to do the same.

Diamonds as children are very crafty to get things their way. But they can be manipulated through their values: offer them pleasurable and valuable thing, and they will do what you please them to do; or explore them to things they do not like as a punishment, and they will get lost and follow directions.

They do not like anything of a low quality. This goes for both things and relations. If they are offered cheap things, they feel people undermind them and do not respect them, and they feel hurt.

If you are Hearts or Clubs, Diamonds will try to use your values to control and manipulate you. Diamonds energy is stronger and superior to Clubs and Hearts. Diamonds use the truth (Clubs) to explain that what they want is right and promote the truth for others to follow. They are acting as advertisers of their desires and people believe them and fall under their charm.

Diamonds people remind me of those smart kids who used to get the best education at college and then the war came about where they are the smartest, yet they need to learn to survive in the world where they are to develop true values. First, they will try to make acquisitions of money and property which seems the most cherished goal in their life. Later, they realize how meaningless is for being happy.

If Diamond people feel depressed, they need to go shopping or spend money to calm them down. Just reading a book will not be enough.

Diamonds can make the best salespeople of things they believe in or enjoy because they find the right words to promote it.

Whatever we want in your lives, our minds will try to make up good reasons why we should have it. Amrit Desai

A Diamond person who is clear about his or her values would never be influenced by anyone else truth or philosophy, or emotional factors. When Diamonds are calm and focus, this leads for them to see true values in everything.

I have heard one discussion between Clubs and Diamonds about how a person becomes gay. Clubs person was telling that he knew one boy from his childhood who was born like that, while Diamonds person was persistent on that a person makes a choice. Or another example could be, that a Diamond person gets into the Ashram and listens to the ancient philosophies about benefits of celibacy, believing that only a celibate can reach the perennial wisdom. So for a while Diamond person believes in the idea that sex destroys the spirit of a person, and his creativity and captivated the person. Furthermore, Diamond person takes it further, thoughts of sex hunts him or her down, making the Diamond person feel guilty and thinking he was a bad person for having sex. But those ideas are temporary. Then Diamond person finds new sets of values and truth that supported having sex and getting married. The Diamond person changes clothes as fast as the weather changes and adapts fast.

This illustrates how true values are stronger than beliefs and opinions. For every opinion you find, there is another one, even the one exactly opposite in which some person strongly believes in. In the contemporary world, values are predominate part of our culture, and it exemplifies our motivations and activities.

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