Earth Villains of the Zodiac – Taurus

Earth signs of the zodiac, in general, good guys. Reliable, solid and respectable heads of their families. They do not get the brightest stars from a sky, but a piece of bread and butter he will always promise to provide. Look closely and you’ll see the impending all its dense boring and monotonous life. In addition, he will expect you to be a working woman plus a housewife (two roles in one woman).

Slowly it gets clear how bleak and painful your life may become: years will take place in an eternal process of saving money, because one repayment plan will be replaced with a new plan of accumulation of money for other global acquisitions (apartments, cars, cottages), as a result, you may end up having antiquated wardrobe because even a new dress will be considered as an extra expense. And all this because you have a temerity to marry a bore. This villain may not let you to unwind and relax, because once you have included as a labor for an important plan for accumulating money.

If you have cravings to work all your life with an intense mode, and constantly pay loans, then take this villain. He do everything in an auto mode that marriage with him will seem like an eternity.

Villains of Earth signs by nature are very healthy and live very long and happy loves, because they never get involved in risky ventures, and not prone to get into careless affair. Make no mistake, you may get bored with Earth Villains to death. But if a fatal boredom does not scare you, then go ahead and live a happy life with a villain of Earth signs.]

Taurus (21.04 to 21.05)

If suddenly you have had an unfortunate experience dating with someone of the hopeless villains (here with no apparent reason comes to mind: Aries, Scorpio and Pisces), then no better than Taurus will soothe your shattered nerves. At this stage all you need is a profound boring tediousness or thoroughness of Taurus Villain who is capable to heal the wounds that are still fresh, and instill hope for a better fate.

Villain Taurus is a daddy who knows better than you what you need, where you need it, and when you need to. And initially his care is mesmerizing and calming, so you will comfortable to feel secure by a responsibility of a strong man who will take all the necessary decisions for you.

But over time, you begin to notice that you transform into a little girl, and your daddy Taurus will make all decisions for you with his dogmatical views and bullish pressure. You risk to become an infant, who no longer even talks when unnecessary. But it will be later, and now you can relax and allow to bring you a cup of hot green tea as a sedative (do not count on a glass of brandy – Taurus Villain will not give it to you.)

Sit and listen to his moral instructions, he’s warned you, because he knew that so be it, but you did not listen, and that’s why are hurt again.

And who better than Taurus Villain is able enlighten you in life and to guide you through on the right path? It is him, the only person of the whole universe, who knows what you need and strives to provide you with this, despite your timid resistance. And just in case, we have to remind you that Taurus Villains were Lenin and Hitler. Your Villain maybe not a tyrant of universal scale, but the fact that he is a tyrant i for sure. So afraid to call his jealousy, or the consequences can be devastating.

As soon as you attempt to get up and pour yourself another cup of green tea, Taurus Villain will bark at you to sit still, because you do not need to get up when he’s around. You’re likely to feel strange, but Taurus Villain will reinforce his dangerous delusion that brings incredible benefits to you. Do not consider yourself a fool, if after a while you find that you do not have any thoughts of your own, even if Taurus Villain will try to convince you otherwise.

After prolonged life villain Taurus – you will turn your precious thoughts into the depths of yourself, because eventually you will realize hopelessness of a dialogue with Taurus Villain, at best, you will be busy making a living just like your dear husband Taurus.

If you accidentally mentioned that now you have a doctorate in sociology, you can re-connect with people and you have time to pursue a career, ; even before you establish this thought, your life now will be poisoned by intrusive suggestions as prescribed in a master plan, prepared by a prominent specialist in a professional growth. Taurus Villain will bombard you with advice on how to make money with a shovel, and what benefits it will bring to a family.

Taurus Villain is a bit old-fashioned. He is not inspired of a girl with career aspirations, unless it directly will benefit him financially. Now you have the only chance to convince him that his material security will grow exponentially, then he may loosen his grip, and you get your chance, at least, to change something in your life. Unfortunately, this is unlikely, given the fact that to persuade Taurus Villain of something is virtually impossible. He knows better than anyone and he says no to any great idea.

You mentioned casually that overcome fear of a large open space and want to take a vacation and travel in the near future. Said – and done: the hotel is booked. All expenses are paid. Where? Why do you want to know? You will be fine there.

Or you blurted out, that someday you want to have a baby. Attention! Waltzing, he shows up in your bedroom with a thermometer in his hand, and a graph of your biorhythms. Soon enough you find out that he is methodically studying relevant literature on how to raise Junior child of Taurus Villain.

Villain Taurus is so fixated on a practical side of life, that very soon he will bring you to teeth gnashing – and that is an encouraging sign, because earlier you were complete invertebrate.

Of course, you are not going too much argue that Taurus Villain communicates his decisions unpredictably, being in a coma viscous everyday life. Finally you may feel the thrill and see a faint hint of recklessness of Taurus Villain (who usually is in a vicious coma of everyday life), so enjoy the fun. However, we should gently note: Taurus  Villain is a zealous fool, and while he participates in a race for survival among other villains, you can only watch this tortuous race or you can participate with him. He is so slow and hard working, that you may think of antidepressants. At home, you slowly learn to eat a lot before and during watching serials in rare moments of relaxation, and this will be all your rest, because TaureanVillain does not believe in holidays for which you have to pay – resorts, motels, active sports just fall away immediately, in extreme cases, he can agree to do gardening with you.

Paradoxically, in those rare cases when Taurus Villain does not take part in any races, he will start to destroy your life – for the sake of your own good. Perched on a sofa next to you you, if you both have not put on weight too, able to fit on a sofa together, he will tantalize you moralizing how to behave, talk, dress, think, make, vacation, etc.

Inertia of Taurus Villain does not augur well for a part of life that we generously call sexual. In bed, Taurus Villain always gives an initiative into your hands, apparently because he is very tired of a stress holding the situation under control throughout the day. He may be so clumsy that you have to settle for only a repetitive movement – your eyes eventually bound to stick together for a beautiful dream.

Yes, Taurus is very slow and is rather difficult, but he is incredibly loyal, and that we cannot take away. Taurus Villain expects faithfulness in return, but to a much greater extent.

As for you, Taurus Villain will not hurry to arrange execution. He will count myriads of your betrayals. And then, when a limit is reached, he will throw you away. Without any pity. You can find this step confusing, but it would be a last straw that you forgot to buy important products on the way home. So all the following years, you will live with an idea, as if Taurus threw you out because you have forgotten to buy milk, and not due to the fact that you slept with his best friend. You will never find out.

Make excuses, even till the second coming, but once Taurus Villain has decided on something, it is impossible to convince him otherwise. Verbal threats, use of kitchen appliances and other electronics will be useless, rather than having to put up with his mutton stubbornness. You will never hear that Taurus Villain will abandon his idea. Taurus Villain will always rush ahead, no matter what. Taurus will be scared of anything.

How to Recognize Taurus

Taurus Villain is easy to recognize because he has no quails in thoroughness and tediousness.

Where to find Taurus

He hangs over you, lies underneath you or sits in a chair as a leader of a totally insane political party. If, for incredible coincidence, you see Taurus Villain runs somewhere, then a doctor ordered him to do so.

A First Date

Taurus Villain is very romantic. He will bring you flowers on a first date. Then, he may invite you to a cafe where you order a muffin with a cup of coffee. Then you go to a cinema.

When do a french kiss or an intimate encounter

The later, the better, it will look more trustworthy. Taurus Villain welcomes conservatism in everything.

When you start talking about marriage

When you will be tired of a stormy and intoxicating moments in a company of less reliable, but still more attractive villains. And as soon as you get rid of smoking and other bad habits, and learn goose-step, you can take him directly to a registrar.

If he leaves you

That will not happen. Burdensome consistency is one of his strongest virtues.

If you left him

He will patiently wait when you realize what a terrible mistake you made. Without any results, Taurus Villain will continue to stubbornly wait of the desired.



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