Eight of Cups – Destiny Cards – Card-Power with people – August 31, September 29, October 27, November 25, December 23

The Jupiter Card in a Neptune line displaces the 7 of Spades. 8 is a power card, but the power maybe latent unless they use their spiritual aspiration in their hearts and spiritual applications in their deeds.

If their people work on their spiritual development, happiness in their emotional life follows as a natural consequence and they can overcome all difficulties.

8 of Hearts people always have a wide variety of interests and plenty of friends. They also often find satisfaction via their work. They need to love and be loved. They often become objects of jealousy.

Besides their own Birth Card (8 of Hearts – Jupiter/Neptune), the three most personal planets are in the Neptune Line – Mercury (6 of Clubs – Saturn/Neptune), Venus (6 of Spades – Uranus/Neptune) and Mars (Queen of Hearts – Neptune/Neptune). Their ideas are so high and scaling, that it is very hard to achieve their goals.

The 8 of cups person discovers his or her power early in life. They realize it they can use it to get their emotional needs met. They know how the power of attraction works.

They also are very good with children and this area where they have the most power.

8 of cups needs to appreciate what they have.

This is a very fortunate card. They can love another person just looking at them. They have the power to make others happy.

They need to master these powers and spiritual gifts.

Venus/mercury position gives them mental gifts. They can be great writers, poets, artists, play writers, lectures, scientists, investigators, and guides. They also ha e healing powers so a career in medicine will be another great fit as well as their compassion.

The abuse of their abilities comes in different ways. They could abuse their powers at work, which is less likely. They can be egocentric being spoiled golden children where parents give all to them. They become feeling very special and here comes arrogance. Abuse of power brings health issues. They can get hepatitis or other sicknesses…

They are fearless in their relations. They usually tend to marry the most beautiful person among their candidates. They can destroy their career because they have several options of arranged marriages offered. Somehow they can manage to marry for love not for money.

Using their gifts and power can bring them fame and recognition. Their Jupiter, Saturn, and uranium cards in a crown line. They can be at the very top of a hierarchy. They can have even better life after 39.

The king of spades ♠️ in Uranus can bring them success in political career or secret service.
The 8 of diamonds in Saturn is an indication that they shall shine and reach for the highest success.

I just wonder what stops 8 of cups to get all success. I would say it is an unwillingness to follow the route… the ego who just makes them make mistakes with a purpose of losing.

I guess 8 of cups has a latent power which comes apparent only if they develop themselves spiritually. They need to have spiritual aspirations to do good deeps and they immediately get access to their gifts of power. This is a wisdom card. These individuals need to learn to be focused otherwise they will be distracted by hustle and bustle of their lives and less talented friends and their bad habits – from drinking to simply killing time.

Besides their own birth card, 8 of cups have all personal planets in the Neptune line Mercury, Venus, and Mars… 8 of cups have their ideals so high, that they are rarely possible…

8 of cups is a better card for a man than for a woman. Women turn their failed expectations into poisonous emotions. They also can be subject to jealousy.

Men are usually fighters for the principle and ideals… they need to express themselves.

I would say they want to appear heroes in their fields. They want to shine their genius when there is an extreme situation, and nobody but themselves can fix it. They want to save the world and leave something of value behind for generations to come.

They can choose a job with considerable travel.

They are empathetic, generous, friendly; yet selfish, egocentric, self- indulgent, childish, naive and spoiled.

They need to work on their emotions. If suddenly emotional life is unstable, they cannot let go. They suffer intensively.

If love or friendship is once formed, they want to last it forever.

Men of 8 of cups prefer to be dominated by his wife or a mother. They love society of strong-minded women. They have strong ties to the mother.

Their Jupiter card is 10 of clubs in a crown line. They can get help from high connections. They must or better to get the highest level of education to succeed further in their career. Their mental pursuits are more lucrative. Their gift of understanding gives them success in dealing with others.

Their Saturn card is 8 of diamonds. 6 of cups person can get mo say via inheritance. Money can be made in hospitals or rest houses. They have a very good health foundation that can be distracted via carelessness.

Seems the best profession is a career in medicine while they can use their talent of writing.

King of spades in Uranus brings success in leadership of a large number of people and ability to control employers. They can benefit society greatly if they use their leadership abilities. They are good directors and executives. They can be fine missionaries if chose career In a field of religion.

3 of cups in Neptune brings a lot of uncertainties. The individual needs to develop spiritually. These people shall never live alone. Happy relations maybe uncertain in later years in life.

Challenge for 8 of cups is a quest for a higher knowledge.

8 of cups become successful through their own efforts. They have great minds and can be good teachers or in any occupation, they can make a difference.

8 of cups have a charm and magnetism to get what they want fast. They also are not shy to go after whom they want. They know how to love others and make them feel special. They are less needy because they are dreamers and have no demands for the relations.

8 of cups has tough karmic paybacks for wrong actions.

I think the reason 8 of cups can be lonely at later years because they can be stubborn and because of that they could not fulfill their promises.

This is a card of my father who is a very gifted individual yet somehow who always avoided responsibility to manage a large number of people…

Planetary Sequence for 8 of Hearts

Mercury Card is 6 of Clubs

The early life is well protected and harmonious. Insight and intuition are developed early in their lives. They study slowly but steadily and increase their knowledge. They taught well that they need to work hard and good education will protect them to overcome obstacles later in life.

Venus Card is 6 of Spades

Some experiences in love life are devastating. Emotional problems and difficulties can be overcome via the power of this card. If a  love or friendship is once formed, they want it to last forever. These people like to have plenty of money for their security.

Mars Card is Queen of Hearts

It is always a risk for an individual to be frivolous and flirtatious and they have a tendency to hopelessly be dissipated.

They are generally faithful, warm-hearted. Women may overgo the mother-love complex, while men may be dominated by the wife or mother,

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