Four of Swords – Contemplation

Four of Swords main message is a senselessness of a struggle at the moment. Forcing events or confrontation with other people currently are not only inappropriate, but also virtually impossible. All attempts to dramatically change the existing order of things will lead to nothing. This card always involves a delay.

Four of Swords is a manna from heaven.In the old days this card was called “the small mercy of Swords” – when the swords rest. A plan of action shall be created in hermit solitude, at times when a person is preparing to welcome a new round of consciousness.

Appearance of Four of Swords is always a strong sign. Often, Four of Swords shows up after a period of confusion and stress, when a person simply needs to “comb out”, rest, recharge, take care of himself or herself (or, ideally, go on vacation). Four of Swords makes it clear that loneliness and tranquility are most needed now.

Fours in Tarot

The number “four” is associated with the Emperor (Tarot), planet Saturn and the astrological sign of Aquarius. Saturn is a planet of order, work, power, control, discipline, organization, structure, crystallization, hardness, foundation, practicality, patience, mathematical precision, economy, property, real estate, endurance, eternal values.

Negative features of Saturn and Aquarius are for a person being dogmatic, stubborn, depressed; feeling melancholy, or excessive seriousness. Nevertheless, Aquarians are progressive, have a humanitarian mindset, are independent, unusual and somewhat eccentric.

The presence of fours in the spread indicates that there is a good time for laying the foundation for future success. You are beginning a period of hard work, organizing new affairs and structuring your life. Sometimes Saturn gives you the feeling that you are being restrained in something or you have taken on an unbearable burden. Perhaps, just now you need to make an important decision, but you should do it very carefully.

In astrology, Saturn is associated with karma. If you have a lot of fours in your situation, then, perhaps, you pay off your karmic debts. It will be good if you pay attention to details, apply self-discipling; organize and structure your life. All important decisions and changes you should practice only after careful consideration.


Now you have to work out your problems and plan future actions. You need solitude and peace; do not avoid them.

Four of Swords is a card of reflections and night vigils. Four of Swords also indicates a need for a recovery period after a situation that you just passed. Use this time to think about all what has happened, and plan wisely. Put your expectations aside and wait for the better moment to act.

Use this pause to deal with yourself. Depend only upon oneself. Work on yourself.

In the “Egyptian Tarot” deck, Four of Swords converge to one single point, which gives Four of Swords an additional meaning of reconciliation, a truce (both in a straight line and reverse position).

Four of Swords is a card of stagnation, interrupted activity and forced rest. In this sense, Four of Swords resembles with the Hanged Man (tarot). The difference is that Four of Swords is connected with concrete events: the obstacles indicated by the Four are usually simple and understandable, and overcoming them does not require us to overturn all life’s foundations.

Four of Swords
1. Calming;
2. self-contemplation
3. the need for spiritual renewal
4. Interrupted activity, rest

Reversed position

1. Do not rush to act;
2. Activity again awakened;
3. Discernment;
4. No time to relax;
5. Resentment;
6. Conclusion;
7. Saving, avarice;
8. Envy, jealousy

The resumption of actions, return of previous interests, but it could be untimely. The best that this card can give is a reserved and cautious progress, and this must be properly understood. The Reversed Four of Swords is not the Chariot! Progress of Reversed Four of Swords is comparable to a progress of a patient, who managed not to die yet can hardly work.

Reversed Four of Swords means untimely actions and warns that the actions must be very cautious and well planned. It’s time for a man to stop and think, and he rushes into battle, driven by the desire to restore what he has lost.

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