Jupiter in Tarot Cards Reading

We can find features of Jupiter in both 4. the Emperor card and 10. Wheel of Fortune cards.

Emperor as a whole belongs to the group of positive arcanas and its appearance in a tarot spread is very, very good. Just a lot of people it seems too right of an impact. Card in a spread speaks about actions from the point of strength with the belief a person does the right thing.
Emperor power, in contrast to the power of Empress, is tough and ruthless, because the idea is based on the pure, on the supposed superiority of the mind, which denies feeling.

Jupiter influence in 4 The Emperor could symbolize a willful decision.  Jupiter ignites and creates pride and aggressiveness can be extremely dangerous, both for the individual and  his environment. Dignity also Jovian figure.

Jupiter is associated with the Wheel of Fortune, as well as astrology – with a good destiny. However, Jupiter can give his royal abundance only to those who paved the way in advance, keeping in mind the Biblical saying: “As you sew, shall you reap.” This idea is closely related to the Eastern concepts of karma, to set in motion a mechanism that will one day impact on human life, the lives of his or her children or grandchildren. Karma is also related to the belief in the transmigration of souls – what has been done in a previous life, can cause havoc or draw grace in this life.

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