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Moon in a horoscope symbolizes soul, a spiritual side of our existence. The Moon reflects sun’s energy and brings it into our environment, as our spiritual life is a reflection of Sun’s energy. The Moon symbolizes our spiritual life.

Coat of arms of the Moon is crowned by Isis, in which The Moon goes on a journey across the nightly sky. The coat of arms for
two months, reflecting the variability of her nature.  Seashell and starfish convey an eternal feminine principle of the ruler of the tides. Motto of the Moon: “The roots are strengthened in the dark soil – Nutrition and care take place outside a glare of life in a quiet everyday  routine work.”

If Sun symbolizes an external unambiguous decisions and choices, distinct shifts and changes in life, defines a scope of free will, decisions and re-orientation and manages open, visible, lying on a surface our daily situations; for the moon, — everything is just the opposite. Moon is seamy side, a shadow side of the same surface. Moon’s main goal is to create positive emotions and formation of happiness, satisfaction and comfort for all members of the family and friends.

Primarily the moon is responsible for everything related to nutrition: cooking, purchase and storage of products, quality and style of food. The primary Moon’s commandment moon is “the right pass to the man’s heart is through his stomach.” The ability to bright culinary creativity is very handy because as people say love comes and goes, but men always want to eat. A good position of a Moon is a female horoscope is responsible for the quality of care, – she will be cleaning, doing laundry, and taking care of children if any and the man. By the way, taking care of her man is not only in the daily dinner and a clean shirt, but also in the ability to meet his biological needs for regular sexual pleasure. She will be always ready.

Many today do not see any sense of a family life. They do not understand why marry or to have kids.

A good woman with a strong Moon be offering her man soft feather pillows, perfectly clean, snow-white bed covers – changed nearly every day, beautiful health food flagrantly dressed  – all-powerful translators harmonious moon that can heal any poisonous atmosphere at work or home. Good influence of a Moon is not limited to that.  A good Moon is also a protection from any stress or shocking circumstances experienced by the family during the attacks on its environment or welfare. The moon is responsible for the processes of adaptation – so whatever happens, a bankruptcy, or fire takes a house, a woman be there for her man and she will figure it out. With her dear man she creates a paradise in a hut.

Try to ruin a subordinate, who truly is loves and affectionately fed by a conscious woman. She will feed him every day, and she will have intimate conversations with him about a meaning of earthly journey, – so he goes to work — joyful and fresh after a warm moonlit night with his woman and he will be ready to serve in the morning; he will be ready for new battles to world chaos.

The sun helps a union (of a man and a woman) fight and win, while the Moon absorbs and smooths out all the rough edges of the life process, the trajectory of which is so rare and so long is smooth and streamlined. The moon creates a “catamaran effect”, allowing members of the union kept afloat at any storm. It is nice when a union is built on a stone – as a firm foundation, — not on a sandy bottom, that is nice if a man also be helping a woman respecting her role. And then a house will stand firmly in a snow and wind, and not be smashed like a straw hut from a first blow from adversity and sorrow, from shocks and disasters.

The Moon symbolizes sexuality — not as a passion of lovers, but rather a biological need to have a regular bodily pleasure and a physical health, which to a large extent dependent on a balance of both partners.

Many people can say that when they live together and somebody comes to even visit, they feel the energy of the house is polluted. This is a strong Moon influence and so best to always live with a partner and never let anybody in.

Surprisingly it is very hard to find a union, where both partners deeply cleansed their own sexual energy, and their mind and their heart and have only fraternal feelings towards others. And even tow people got there, the world filled with a desirability by others to get close to take a man away. The Moon intuition is always tells a story about it.

Nothing so clearly characterizes a woman as freshly washed floors.

A clean and fresh home which was cleaned in joy with care – that is a character of a good Moon in horoscope of a woman, – not just a clean home which was engineered with hatred and mortal weariness…

Carrying for a man shows not only in cooking and salads and hearty physical intimacy (which, sooner or later a man still can find boring), but in woman’s kindness, in her tenderness, and her happiness and laugher.

The Moon in a woman’s horoscope is ability to love and care not matter what.

Men and women should not forget that a deliberate biologism of sex reactively produces in men a childish complex. This is due to hypertrophy of the lunar unjustified potential that alternately men can become a father-tyrant (in relation to the daughter-wife), or a man can act like a naughty son, mother-woman exhausting her with his complains or emotions.

In order to maintain an adequate and structured relationship – we need to remember Venus influence in a horoscope that is responsible for mutual recognition of each other as self-valuable and beautiful creatures that carry away a common goals and at the same time loving each other.

Saturn in a horoscope helps in a perception of other as a friend in distress (which is partial goal); and to see other as a companion of a lifetime with a mutual understanding of spiritual goals.

Neptune in a horoscope helps seeing other person as a reason for love and worship togetherness with the universe.

In relationship (love or friendship), it has been observed that the strength and viability of union begins with harvesting moon energy in men; and with a development of sun energy in women. In a process of energy interpenetration, sexual energies are combined, an experience of mutual help is acquired, a fusion occurs between polar opposite and polar complementary energies of a man and a woman. Influence of Sun  imbues a woman energies of responsibility and a practice of moon gives a Sacrament of the Alchemy of Purification to a man, so necessary in our polluted and spiritually illiterate time.

Moon and Saturn are inseparably linked in a holistic family with respect to all kinds of professional, caste and other general social egregors. (Connection of the Moon and Saturn is perfectly reflected in writings of D.Redyar dedicated to astro psychology.)

All goals of Saturn are achieved only long and patient organization the Moon life cycles. It requires Saturnian manifestations of clarity, consistency and rigor of self-discipline. Thus, The Moon feeds Saturn from within strengthening its achievements.

If errors working out Sun values lead to wrong actions taken or not taken, the mistakes of the Moon open of opportunities for wrong temptations.

Through elaboration of the Moon is possible to create a solid foundation for a joint spiritual work. Without a harmonious base of the Moon in a horoscope, together goals are hard to achieve because someone has to sacrifice oneself for the sake of other  knowingly destroys the balance of subtle karmic structures. The Motto shall be: “We grow together, helping each other and seeking valuable for all and everyone simultaneously.”

Stereotypes of the habits are almost always inadequate  because of eternally young and always un-repeatable uniqueness of the present. Threw working out qualities of the Moon, we have an eternal battle with habits.

A person with a weak Moon in the horoscope might have recurrent nightmares and stagnant illness – for example, if a Moon is in VIII or XII house in Pisces and Cancer.

The Moon problems and imbalances weakens the body of the relations. A little magic brings always cleaning and decoration, aromatotherapy and bright lights instantly and directly facilitates recovery as brings happiness and relaxation.

“Learn to combine pleasant with useful.”


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