Distinctive traits and sexual preferences in a horoscope

Aspects of the higher planets. A question of sexual preferences has changed dramatically somewhat during the last century. It’s no secret that bisexuality, homosexuality or distortion of sensibility are more common in an urban environment and have become widespread the last century right after a discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. So there is absolutely no doubt that these planets play a major cause of sexual perversion in a horoscope. As these planets corresponding to in a natal chart, are the planets responsible for the manifestation of collective unconscious, so their influence distort natural manifestations of Mars or Venus. In particular, the adverse effects of higher planets form a basis for compulsion, as well as for a formation of abnormalities. – Actually, the cause is much deeper.

Uranus makes people experiment and try something new. A strong and broken Uranus will produce interest in things – opposite to everyone else. Uranus is fully connected to all eccentricities, swing, bisexuality, and even certain manifestations of fetishism. With a strong damaging aspects between Uranus and Venus, eccentricities can manifest in all its spectrum. Damaging Uranus in a horoscope is very common in people whose sexuality clearly is not typical.

Neptune behaves as a female planet. Neptune is associated with such deviations like masochism and fetishism. In addition, in the women’s horoscopes Neptune relationship with Mars increases sexual potential, while in man’s horoscopes Neptune with certain aspects with Mars appears frequently as a distortion of sexuality. Strenuous bond Mars-Neptune is one of potential characteristic signatures at male deviations.

Pluto is an active, strong and destructive planet. If it manifests itself through sexual anomaly, most likely it may be reflected in sadistic tendencies. Pluto also has a direct relation to an experience of violence. In male horoscopes, Pluto’s link with Mars increases sexual potential. While in a female horoscope, Pluto appears more likely as a distortion of a sexual experience. In particular, in female charts, a tense aspect of Mars-Pluto, especially “tied” to one of female planets is a classic pointer of physical danger from men in certain periods of time. – Definitely there is a link, if a girl was treated badly as a child by a male figure, or her father, this can be a cause of distortion of sexual experience later in her life.

If Venus is damaged by aspects to higher planets, especially to Uranus and Neptune, this could be an indication of personalities who have specific or atypical sexual preferences.

A patient after psychedelic therapy suddenly remembered a reason for his aversion to feminine, repressed from consciousness. Realization of such an error can be stunning and later may have an enormous impact on future. After such experience, a person returned to his normal state and all delusions and phobias disappeared.

Sun in square to Jupiter
This can be an indication of bisexuality. Exaggerated opinion of oneself, a desire to achieve much without discipline and reflection. A person tries to expand the sphere of influence. Safety reaction is pronounced selfishness. One has to learn patience, developing qualities of Saturn to gain experience and discipline; it will take time, but bring success. The tendency to extravagance in questions of love life. A person might have unwise optimism and reckless behavior. They are generous indiscriminately, but often with ulterior motive. Harmful restlessness and love for change.

Venus square Neptune

Emotional difficulties are associated with subconscious mind and imagination. Emotional and sexual issues are connected to the past experience, entrenched in subconscious. This is a karmic aspect. A person tries to escape into a fantasy world away from a harsh reality, and sometimes a person can use drugs in access. His love gives in a stupid way. Dangerous scandals happens due to questionable relationships and financial complications. Sex is a reason to scandals. A happy marriage suffers from dishonesty and lack of sincerity. Power of imagination can give sexual visions that are heating up, leading to emotional complexes. Often, shyness, self-restraint with a tendency to secret romances. Undercover sexual orgies, sometimes bisexuality. In a positive version – a person has in art and aesthetic perception (with a strong Saturn). – Otherwise, lack of discipline for practical application of talents. A person has hypersensitivity, often for no reason shows resentment and laziness. A person is trying to cause people to pity him. These people easily go for controversial plans, just to make a quick profit, and in matters of finance and love they need to proceed with caution. Sometimes they are great idealists who strive for impossible relations. It is necessary to be afraid of cult, unrealistic nor an impossible forms of religious beliefs.

Venus Square Moon

A sign of bisexuality, or rather strained relations with the opposite sex is squaring a Sun-Mars and Venus-Moon. Thus, a square between Venus and Moon in a man’s horoscope indicates a complex relationship with a mother and even hostility towards women.

Other pointers of bisexuality in a horoscope


Strong planets are Moon, Venus, and Sun, and simultaneously weak planets areMars, Saturn


Strong planets are Mars and Neptune, and simultaneously weak planets are Venus and Moon

Accented signs: Cancer, Libra, Aries, Aquarius, Taurus.

Aspects: Bad configuration between the planets: Sun-Mars, or Sun-Moon-Venus-Mars.

Venus on the Ascendant or the negative aspects with Sun, Mars, or Moon.

In matters of sex, a role of Lilith, the Black Moon, is strongly overvalued and hypertrophied. In matters of sexuality, Lilith always acts as a catalyst for all emotional processes. But she usually does not lead to distortions, and is capable to intensify our involvement in any emotional processes. Her impact on sexual sphere is manifested rarely only in certain houses or in aspects to personal planets. Influence of Lilith is effective in quite different fields. Whenever we talk about influence of Lilith on sexuality, all Lilith does is act as a catalyst and motivator of sexual  fantasies in sex under the following conditions:
1. Position of Lilith is in Scorpio, Aries, Leo, Pisces, Capricorn, Aquarius.
2. Position of Lilith is in I, V, or VIII houses.
3. Lilith has an exact conjunction or harmonious aspects with Venus, Mars, Sun or Moon.
Moreover, even with those aspects, Lilith is not always associated with sexuality and requires also a coincidence of at least two of other negative factors in a horoscope simultaneously.

Bisexuality, homosexuality and asexuality go hand in hand with various manifestations of sado-masochism. However, the nature of this phenomenon is much more complex and varied. For example,there are many types of homosexuality and two types are preferential: active and passive, and those two types give different symptoms and radically different planetary signification. For example, gay men, inclined to a passive role, really can have well aspected Moon and Venus; at the same time, they should have weak and damaged sun, Mars and Saturn. However, active type is a hypertrophied man with accentuated masculine planets. and especially strong Mars. Those extremes though do not often occur in real life.

And, besides (going back to astrology), untraditional traits can have several different causes. In particular, homosexuality may be associated with non-standard psychophysiological preferences. Or the reason could lie in an integration of deep unconscious complexes that relate to influence of higher planets. And this will be reflected in the natal chart. According Ptolemaeus, the first passive type, must have a strong bond Venus of Mars, with the absence of deterrent effect of Saturn. With a morning Venus and nighty Mars, or vice versa, native will be happy to have sexual contacts with both sexes. If he has evening Venus and Mars in female signs of astrology, it gives a native a tendency to a passive role, but if both Venus and Mars are morning planets – it gives a native an active role.

There are other indicators of non-traditional sexuality in a horoscope.

Uranus is in a sign of Venus, or Mars is damaging a significator of the 1st house. Uranus is in a hard aspect with Venus or Mars with a proviso that one of these planets is related to the 1st house – gives a quite expected signature of bisexuality.

In horoscopes of gay men expect Venus be in Aries or Virgo – those are most common placements. But Scorpio appears to be well within an average waiting range. Venus in Sagittarius is a rare visitor. Mars in horoscopes of gay men most often found in Cancer and Virgo, but very rarely Mars can be found in Sagittarius, Capricorn or Libra. In addition, Mars is usually retrograde – much more often than in heterosexual charts. You also find Mars burned. From the leading aspects, Venus is square or opposition to Neptune; Mars is square to Sun, Saturn; or Mars in opposition to Jupiter or Neptune; or Mars is in conjunction, sextile or square to Uranus. In addition, Mars or Venus must have a connection with ASC, so gender issues would become one of a leading characteristics of personality.

There is an interesting fact that natal charts of bi are associated with the VII house. Other contributing factors are Neptune or Uranus in VII house or damaging Neptune and Uranus; when Lilith is connected with VII house or its ruler; as well as Mercury in the VII house or in aspect with the ruler of Dsc.

Also another possibility of bisexuality in a horoscope is in a chain of dispositions – Venus and Mars should be in mutual reception and Pluto must be retrograde.

Mercury role apparently lies in a fact that it gets features from those planets Mercury is associated with, even Mercury is a sexless planet. Mercury plays an important supportive factor in charts of people with non-standard sexual orientation.

Other Predispositions

Three degrees of homosexuality in a horoscope

15 degree Cunning, duality. No predisposition to married life. When bad aspects tp Mars, Venus, Sun and Moon – could be homosexual.

22 degree Very strange nature. Homosexuality, increased potency. Cynicism, exposure, destruction. Should have negative aspects with Mars, Moon,Venus and Sun.

17 degree Flaws, illness, deformity, weakness, homosexuality.

Degrees heightened sexuality and negative aspects, can give bisexuality.

24 Degree: Fatal Love. Increased sexuality. Disagreements in the relationship.

10 Degree: Abstract idea illusion. The sensitivity, excessive sexuality, secret love.

25 Degree Impermanence, life full of troubles. The danger of chemicals or drowning. Early death. Sexual abnormalities.

24 degree Arrogance and rudeness. Sexual abnormalities. Wounds.

8 degree Very passionate temperament. In the worst case – perversion, sexual troubles.

12 degree Sensitivity weakness. Perversions in sexuality.

18 degree Duplicity, a spirit of contradiction, possible sexual perversions. The danger from animals, car accidents, do not die a natural death.

23 degree occultism and mysticism. Very passionate temperament, sexuality, marital unhappiness. There are anomalies, up to sexual offenses.

The man who has these degrees are not necessarily bisexual, but he has a predisposition to it.

Bi horoscopes usually heavily filled with a sign of Cancer with a presence there a Moon; or a square to Moon or Venus, or square to Venus, and has major aspects to Pluto, or Cancer rising in a male horoscope.

In addition, connection of Spica and Arcturus with planets such as Venus, Mars, Sun, and Mercury – gives a tendency to bisexual love.

People with Venus on the Asc were “seen” in bisexual relationships.

Manubrium (Manubrium – Latin “handle”.) –
I. The fixed star, Omikron 39 of Sagittarius. Apparent magnitude 3.77m.
The figure constellation M. is on the head of Sagittarius (together with the stars of Sagittarius and head Albaldah). According to Ptolemy, this star provides astrological influence, similar to Sun and Mars. According to Deborah this star indicates a brave, heroic and reckless character, as well as a possibility of blindness from fire or explosion.

According to tradition of Avesta, servants of Manubrium are Venus and Pluto. This star is associated with sexual perversions, child molesters, rapists, seducers, playboys.  If this star is on the cusp of the XII house, and also in conjunction with Venus, a person can be a victim of rape,or  mockery of sexual maniac.

Manubrium on cusp of House VIII may mean a random, stupid death. Conjunction with Mercury or Moon, – a person can be a victim of doctors (wrong diagnose, harmful treatment, all kinds of medical errors and omissions). Manubrium on MC indicates bravery and heroism, as well as that a person have achieved on his own without a help form outside.

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