Six of Clubs – Destiny Card – Responsibility for the Spoken Word – Birthdays: March 30, April 28, May 26, June 24, July 22, August 20, September 18, October 16, November 14, December 12

Six of Clubs is the card of intuition. This card is also a card of responsibility in speech and communications and of compromises to maintain peaceful surroundings.

Six of Clubs has a special karma associated with abuse of power. Sooner or later, they have to face this problem: either they get a leadership position, where they learn the correct way to handle power, or they attract into their lives a strong person with whom they have to fight and learn how to handle power.

While Six of Clubs person has not found its way in life, it remains extremely troubled and indecisive. Six of Clubs individual needs to learn to maintain inner balance and harmonious communication with people.

Being a “card of responsibility for the spoken word”, Six of Clubs always has troubles with fulfilling promises. Some Sixes of Clubs for years can proudly demonstrate their commitment, being liars deep in their hearts. However, sooner or later this falsity turns against them, inflicting them heavy damage. People, who are at the highest spiritual level of Six of Clubs, always behave according to their declared beliefs and carefully follow their words.

Six of Clubs person is very amorous, but having a negative experience in her youth, six of clubs begins to ignore the feelings, which makes Six of Clubs restless and nervous.

Six of Clubs is the messenger card – a John the Baptist who comes to lie the way for salvation. Many of 6 of Clubs are not aware of their essential mission. That is why they avoid their vital mission to develop intuition which is, by the way, their most excellent gifts. Many have a fear of their psychic abilities… They need to take responsibility in what they promise and make compromises to maintain peace. So be true to your word or pay the consequences. 

Short description of Six  of Clubs
Effective communication
Responsibility (said – done)
Ability to compromise

Instability, nervousness, and conflicts
Inability to control emotions
Monotony in business
No change
Search for guilty and excuses
A penchant for manipulation

Six of Clubs♣ Karma Cards:
Challenging Karma Card (-KC) Eight of Spades♠
Supporting Karma Card (+KC) Two of Diamonds♦


Looking at their life spread, you can say: “Wow, what a fortunate card.” Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter in a Crown line. But to achieve greatness, they need to be completely independent. Then they can achieve greatness, and do something incredible with their lives. 

These people pay for things they promise or said, and their karma, as a result, can be good or bad. They need to create a lifestyle that follows a spiritual purpose.

Somehow this card is a card of extremes – some of 6 of Clubs can be forerunners (fast, reliable and a bit nervous), or the easy-going sluggers and lazybones.They have a great gift of intuition or practically nothing. There are no middle way measures. They have mental powers as a gift – yet if they do not use it, they lose it. I believe because they very much depend on their mothers (men and women), they hardly can make connections to their spouses and friends because they are needy and they do not realize how much emotional support they need. They usually abuse their friends and relations just because nothing seems enough and they tend to take everything for granted – or somebody takes advantage of them. There are no middle grounds too. They usually lose their best choices because of their egoistic nature and then they might start thinking of spiritual values…

Peace of mind is essential to 6 of Clubs. But they need to be willing to make sacrifices. If cornered, those people usually weak and they have no strength to promote their interests. They can be useful followers and eventually leaders when they learn the right way.

6 of Clubs usually know the answers and the power to overcome obstacles, yet if somebody will do it for them, they instead give it up and wait for others to handle it.

6 of Clubs are in trouble if they lose. If they fail to carry out what they planned, they become unhappy. (Mostly they feel they lost their power and had no strength to rise again).

All 6 of Clubs are worries: worry about everything: they worry if others think 6 of Clubs people are doing less than expected; they fear if paid inadequately for their talents; and they worry about happiness, health, progress. They suffer and nervous if their love does not fulfill their expectations (regardless how those expectations are unreasonable).

If 6 of Clubs overwork, they become mentally challenged and nervous. If they lack awareness what they can do, low self-esteem gets them into an unproductive occupation.

They need to practice self-discipline to overcome problems. One of the best jobs for them – law enforcement, spying, and police.

Planetary Sequence for 6 of Clubs

Moon card is 8 of Cups

This card is a card of magnetism and considerable emotional energy. This card brings you success in sales and public works. The 8 of Cups gives you the power to get your way with people both personally and professionally. It gives you social fun, yet mostly for the first impression.

Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. A. Stevenson

A person with 8 of Cups in Moon should have either Moon in Scorpio, or strong 8th house or Scorpio house filled with planets. When this person is in love, he or she acts more like Scorpio regardless of a sun sign in their horoscopes. Pluto in their horoscope shall also be well aspected and robust, the planet of destruction and death.

A person may continuously have significant changes in life that come inevitably and unexpectedly. A person may pass through several “personal deaths” during their lives. Every breakup some part of their personality will die, making the way to something new. Like Phonex, they will arise from the ashes to fly again with new wings.

The person has the destiny to deal with goods and possessions of others, even gets involved with family finances at a certain point in their lives.

It also can talk what they like in their partners – strong Pluto and Scorpio-like personalities. They tend to attract drama unless spiritual values are developed.

They can think that they are better than others, have more talents, and could be very hard on other’s people’s weaknesses. They need to cultivate patience and spiritual values – or they either become narcissistic themselves or at some point in life can have a narcissistic partner that makes them suffer.

It also suggests that the spiritual powers of a person are latent, not at their disposal unless the true spiritual aspirations of their hearts find their applications in good deeds.

Being over-emotional and not inclined to compromise they make themselves great sufferers  – especially in relations. They can be objects of jealousy and contention.They have plenty of admirers and acquaintances.

They should be mindful in using their power.

Mercury card – 6 of Spades

Second Mercury Card – 2 of Clubs

They need to obtain the best education possiblean activeand they need to work hard to develop self-discipline.

Their birthday contributes a lot to restlessness, so any work for them will seem monotonous and that they have a hard time to handle it.

So if they lack education and discipline, they are content with the given conditions, which leads them to avoid travel and be unhappy about their future.

Their minds if not balanced, there will be monotony, delays, and boredom, – while they need to strive for harmony, adjustments, and peace.

If they have a call for action for self-interest, bubble-chasing, and plots to get rich fast, they will blame themselves for an inevitable descent into confusion and final disaster.

If these people dwell on materialistic goals and plans, they will end up failing to acquire what they want and will feel discouraged at labor-monotony and lack of initiative at work. They will lose their vision and hope.

They may have associations (or work with) gay and lighthearted people. Social gatherings, gay parties, entertainments seem to be essential and desirable for 8 of Clubs, but soon be abandoned as they become older and bored with those activities.

This card sets a character of 6 of Clubs people – having good and evil within them.

On a right side, 6 of Clubs are peace-loving, competitive, passionate and determined. On the opposite hand, 6 of Clubs have difficulty to getting started, are cold and aloof in personal relations, hold grudges against others, very stubborn and out of touch with their feelings.

Second Mercury Card – 2 of Clubs

Reactions are quick and argumentative. (Need to develop listening skills and think before you lip). They may tend to bring arguments to those who are quick-witted and hot-headed, but it won’t create any lasting damage.

They feel on the defensive -partly because of their desire to act quickly; party because of fear that they may not accomplish what is expected of them. This makes them excellent students and excellent joiners. They usually are multitaskers and subject to sudden interruptions or calls in all directions. Men could be regarded as boys-errands and are always at the back or request of others.

Venus card – Queen of Cups

Second Venus Card – 9 of Hearts

6 of Clubs person shall have a strong mother. Mother is so close that individual may have a hard time to see the world without mother guidance.

The men have loyalty and devotion to their family interests, but they should guard to be dominated by their mothers or by some women in close relations.

Women have great mother’s instinct, yet they need to develop independence, or they can rely too much on their mothers for support.

They have charm and friendliness.

In personal relations, 6 of clubs shall guard against taking too much for granted; as well as against a tendency against laziness, fantasizing or self-indulgence.

For men, to have Queen of Cups in Venus can be that they are oversensitive, too feminine, too unbalanced, and sexually undetermined.

Mars Card is 10 of Clubs

Success at work comes from an understanding of human psychology and application of innate knowledge. Mental pursuits are best educational and judiciary. Teaching, lecturing, and writing is the best way to apply talent. Ethical considerations are fundamental, or a person can be thoroughly discharged. A person can be recognized in a field if he or she uses the right aspiration and has a spiritual calling.

Second Venus Card is 9 of Cups

They may have tendency love the first love (yet hide it).

Disappointments in love, romance, and finances are inevitable. There could be many obstacles to your emotional happiness, including lack of funds. This card shows that a person will have more than one marriage. Difficulties are in reality opportunities to learn to love. Selfless giving is a soul healer. You need to learn about emotional intelligence.

Jupiter is 8 of Diamonds

A second card related to abuse of power. (after 8 of Cups in Moon position).

Finances are protected, and affluence can be obtained (often via family connections and protection). Money could be made via psychic or intuitive gifts. If a person puts money as a first and foremost goal, he or she will lose the peace of mind. A person may feel threatened continuously and intimidated, and ego develops.

Second Jupiter card is 2 of Diamonds

A good card for 6 of Clubs to marry is 2 of Diamonds (because of double Jupiter connection and 2 of Diamonds is also their second karma card). These marriages will be prosperous, fortunate and easy-going.

2 of diamonds brings success in sales and small business ventures.

Saturn card is King of Spades

Time of troubles can come from treating older men without due respect; those men may create some difficulties in some ways.

Karmic relations and experiences warn 6 of Clubs people never to be any rebellion against certain relations. What comes must be accepted as their due.

Overwork should be avoided at all costs. Health can be easily broken down form not enough sleep, and stress.

To come to a leadership position, they need to work hard from the bottom up following all steps in a career ladder. They can be of excellent service to humanity with their experience and wisdom.

Second Saturn card is 9 of Clubs

This is a good card for those in knowledge field. Experiences are made until the right niche is required.

Worry about money disrupts the health. The natural tendency to secrecy becomes concealment – displacing trust and honesty.

If trust is displaced, 6 of clubs experiencing much frustration and worry which affects health negatively. Worrying also causes business loses.

The root of the problems negative thoughts about oneself. The only solution is to develop a positive attitude and take responsibility.

You dislike endings very much if they are not coming from your decisions. Usually, the conclusion of holidays is the most troubled times for you. So it is best if you eat more sweets from the end of November to beginning February. Anyway, you also can gain weight a bit during this time.

Uranus Card – 3 of Cups

Talents are usually latent. This creates nervousness because it is always hard to decide between activities to chose.

A person also tends favoritism.

A person may have a hard time to decide where his or her interest lies – whether it is work or romance. Many social interests and possibly jealousy create problems in love and friendship.

Some unusual romantic or social occurrences point to some inner, unresolved issue about love.

This position is suitable for creative writing and self-expression.You are likely to have a hard time writing because of emotions and mental worry and anxiety to get things done.

For 6 of Clubs is very good, to meet a lot of new and exciting people, – and to be not stuck in a rut in monotonous relations.

Second Uranus card is 5 of Clubs

Often a change of residence. Your life can change radically and unexpectedly. Best to select work that requires travel.

Neptune – Ace of Clubs

Desire knowledge about something distant or kind of education that comes from traveling. They want companionship filled with intelligence and understanding.

Second Neptune Card is King of Spades

Somehow unpredictable trouble could come from men whom you least expect it.

Pluto – Queen of Clubs

This is an indication that a person needs to be involved in writing and teaching and helping others. Giving others creates terrific future.

Result – Cosmic Reward – 10 of Spades

Interesting, but it is crucial for a person to be recognized for their work and devotion. They need to develop a sound mind and good judgment. They need to learn to be responsible and dependable. It also suggests that it is paramount for those people to be successful in commercial line and this only may happen if they apply spiritual values and ethics.

Cosmic Lesson – High Saturn – 5 of Clubs

Learn to accept changes in plans and values within oneself and other people. Learn to be a young soul- restless and seeking. Find answers in life experiences. They need to learn that mistakes are made from acting on impulses and emotions refusing to plan or count the costs.

Peace of mind comes from the willingness to accept life as we must live our lives – constructively.

One should always be in love. That’s the reason one should never marry. – Oscar Wilde, 6 of Clubs

Famous Six of Clubs

May 26 – Alexander Pushkin, Selena Gomes, Frank Sinatra

Claude Monet, Oscar Wild, Prince Charles, Vincent Van Gogh, Saddam Hussein, John Wayne, Greta Garbo, Lance Armstrong, John Mayer, Noah Webster, Travis Barker, Nicholas Woodman, Edward Munch, M. C. Hammer, Warren Beatty, John Astin, Dionne Warwick, Paul Rieser, James Monroe, Lenny Kravitz, Phillip Michael Thomas, Pam Grier, Stevie Nicks, Bob Dole, Connie Chug, Albert Brooks, Danny Glover, Rose Kennedy, Isaac Hayes, George Clinton, King Hussein of Jordon, Brian Keith, Sheila E., Connie Francis, Terry Pratchett, Joe Williams, Edward G. Robinson, Don King, Al Roker, Celine Dion, Jessica Alba



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