The 10 of hearts – Destiny Cards – Creative gifts. Success with people and arts – July 31, august 29, September 27, October 25, November 23, December 21

The ten of hearts are inventive and artistic; they are leaders, not subordinates. They like people who admire their actions, perhaps that’s why they love children so much.

The Ten of Hearts have a strong tendency to self-knowledge and self-development. They needs to understand themselves and determine the core values in their life. Because 10 of hearts do everything with great enthusiasm, some people consider them selfish and obsessed with their own interests.


The main thing for people with this birth card is to be honest with themselves and develop a philosophy that would help them become frank with other people in any circumstances. Otherwise, all their energy will go to maintain their own illusions.

10 of hearts people are endowed with a great power of love and usually attract strong partners.

Their love karma is quite happy, and only indecision can create problems in a relationship. With “diamond” people, they may have problems, because karmic relationships with “diamonds” are difficult. “Diamonds” influence can bring indecision and self-doubt.

10 of Cups are witty and intelligent people, and precisely because of these qualities, oddly enough, unexpected surprises may arise in their relationships, because love cannot be planned.


First Karma Card J ♣ – Jack of Clubs (creative mind), shows traits of 10 of Hearts character in a past life that 20 of Hearts person needs to improve in the current incarnation. Being already energetic and productive with brilliant mental abilities, they can go far ahead of ordinary people. They are kind and unselfish people. And despite their love of arguments, they are friendly to everyone around them.


The karmic influence of Jack of Clubs attracts acute situations in a romantic relationship. In the realm of love, nothing is subject to reason. Nevertheless, 1o of hearts love karma is not so bad. 10 of hearts people need a partner who first of all will be their friend who will give them some freedom, allowing them to remain themselves.

10 ♥ – a real “card of Peter Pan”, Jack of Clubs . A suit of the hearts already speaks of some “childishness”, and influence of young and cheerful Jack as the Karmic Card makes the 10 ♥ “eternal child”, who says: “I do not want to grow!”.

* Second Karmic Card is 5 ♠ – The Five of Spades (The Wanderer) is a card of changes and travels, shows the experience gained in a past life. Generous and loving nature of these people often ruthlessly exploited by other people. They also had lot sof disappointments in personal relationships with friends and beloved in the past lives.

Idealism in love and personal relationships

10 of hearts people have a logical mind that helps succeed in life. They love helping people and children. They attract people with friendly attitude. Self-discipline is the way to success.

Karma for the 10 of Hearts – Isolation

The people with this top Heart Card are at their best in large social organizations, on the stage and in politics. They have a strong emotional nature and are sometimes overwhelmed in personal or intimate relationships. With this in mind, the Ten of Heart need to guard against isolating themselves from the people contact so very important to them.

All 10 of Heart emanate love and kindness but can easily detach themselves and appear apathetic when love is lost. “Safe-boxing” their strong feelings, Ten of Heart people often miss out on the passion of just being in love. It is for this reason they can appear to be guarded, or pedantic.

Ten of Hearts have the capacity to see the unique value in others. They become tireless promoters of others, believing unconditionally in their ability to succeed. After all this practice seeing the glory in others, they finally end up being able to see their own gifts

They tend to create a big circle of friends wherever they go, which is always changing. They crave new experiences and bring a ray of tenderhearted sunshine wherever they go.

10 of cups people have reached a stage of independence an individuality in human relations.
They make sincere efforts for harmony.
They can be calculating as well as very impulsive…

Double mars influence from each spread cause a 10 of cups to be more like 8 of cups to be competitive with anger issues.

10 of cups is a very fortunate card. People of 10 of cups have so manhood things to be thankful for.

These people have plenty of energy and are competitive and passionate.

10 of cups have ways with people a sort of mystical ability to charm others.

Indications of a creative minds. Success comes early in life for 10 of cups. They are a center of attention spot. There are many performers of 10 of cups, and they are very comfortable in front of the groups. Having so much energy can create fears and phobias when energy is put into negative direction.

They need to recognize how lucky and fortunate they really are.

These people have a strong influence of Mars; and Aries; and the fist house of the horoscope. Their 3 and 9 houses are usually strong. They might have lunar nodes in Sagittarius and Gemini which gives talents and success in education.

They must have commitment toward the truth…

These people can completely fool everybody around – because of their karma card of jack of clubs…
they can be very generous, in fact the most generous with help and gifts.

Mercury 10 of diamonds
Money transactions are disposed easily and quickly. They have ample funds in early life. Great possibility of inheritance. They live in pleasant surroundings, with good opportunities for education and culture.

They surround themselves with people with intelligence and interesting ideas.

Mars – Ace of Cups
They want to stand well and popular. They want to impress opposite sex. They are never at their best if they are alone.

They are great leaders and can take initiative. Great hosts.

Jupiter – Ace of Diamonds

The Ten of Hearts♥ enjoys an active life and staying busy in general. Whether it’s an active social life or a passion for their work, they like to keep moving and love to travel. Networking through their work or their hobbies comes naturally to this card as the energy builds for their passions.

Power of love vs. love of power can also be the life task of a Ten of Hearts♥ person. Aligning with truth and wisdom, independence and drive, the Ten of Hearts♥ has the potential to be inspirational public figures.
People of this card and suit are here to experience life and themselves through feelings/emotions, art/beauty, children/youth, people/relationships, and love/marriage.


The Saturn influence of the Queen of Diamonds♦ can wreak havoc on their finances. Desiring the finest things in life needs to be balanced with financial means or else the resulting debt and burden will create economic difficulties. Combined with the double Ace influence of “I want what I want and I want it now!”, this me-me-me attitude is a lifetime issue to be dealt with for Ten of Hearts♥people.

If they have a bad influence of a woman, they could become nervous and not sure of themselves.
They need n intelligent woman to encourage them.
They need to watch out to be overly critical… they should develop their gift of intuition to overcome their over-developed negative criticism.

If they feel their emotional life or personal life is disturbed, they tend to keep problems bottled up and suffer in silence as well as 6 of cups people.
They like art – sometimes in erratic and unusual forms.
They should cultivate mental balance… and avoid obsessions.

Unusually gifted in music.

Never take orders


December 21 gives more talented people and very stable.
Challenge is self insistence

Usually 10 of cups are very good looking, one of the most beautiful people in a deck. They stay young very long. They have a good health and firm foundation.

Many 10 of cups I know have children daughters 8 of clubs, in every case, a woman leaves her daughter with the father.

In many cases, karma cards can be a good choice for marriage. 10 of cups is better to avoid jack of clubs to marry, unless those people are spiritually strong, meditate together and have strong ties and commitment.
Another card that is definitely can cause loss and confusion is 9 of cups and of course queen of diamonds.

Ten of Hearts♥ Karma Cards:
Challenging Karma Card (-KC)  Jack of Clubs♣
Supporting Karma Card (+KC)  Five of Spades♠

Famous Ten of Hearts♥: Pablo Picasso, Minnie Pearl, Harpo Marx, J.K. Rowling, Dean Cain, Wesley Snipes, Billy the Kid, Shaun Cassidy, Samuel Adams, Greg Morris, Borus Karloff, William Conrad, Milton Friedman, Geraldine Chaplin, Michael Jackson, John McCain, Ingrid Bergman, Avril Lavigne, Samuel L. Jackson, Frank Zappa, Jane Fonda, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kiefer Sutherland, Miley Cyrus, Richard Attenborough, Gale Anne Hurd, Robin Leach, Florence Griffith Joyner, Elliott Gould, Isabel Sanford, Mike Schmidt, Meat Loaf, Tracy Nelson, Helen Reddy, Phil Donahue, Brian Chesky




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