The Seven of Swords – the Lord of Transitory Efforts

You have trained yourself to instinctively notice the opportunity.

You need to work smarter, not harder. Think long and deep, study all the angles and put yourself in the shoes of your competition. As a result, you will have such a thorough grasp of the whole situation that there will be no surprises — and no excuses for anything but success. Skillful preparation justifies the optimism of the natural winner.

Etteilla Meaning of the Seven of Swords

Keywords: You are waiting for a very important news and wonderful changes. It also can mean a consultation with an expert.

Direct Position: Hope

Reversed Position: Smart opinions. Smart advice.

The number seven has been always considered lucky in predictions. With 7 of swords, you need never give up. You may lose only if you give up way too soon.

General Meaning of the Rider Tarot Seven of Swords

The motto of the Seven of Swords – “to go around” suggesting to use some tricks and slyness (as opposed to an open struggle) to find a way out of a difficult situation and avoid a conflict.

A person needs to be cunning, to think a head and do strategic planning. Sometimes is best not to shoot a truth, yet manage for wolves to be fed and sheep be safe.

Seven of Swords always raises a question between a correctness of actions and specious intentions. It is very likely that soon you will be tested on a speed and efficiency of your thought and consideration. One of the old meanings suggests – tenacity, intelligence and persistence in a difficult situation.

A surprising feature of all Sevens in Tarot is their incredible strength and “adjustments” to any individual features of a person. So, some people cannot tolerate the Seven of pentacles, while others consider Seven of pentacles a very good card. Seven of Swords can be the most hated cards in the deck, pointing to the outrageous perfidy and portend bad things. While for others, the Seven of Swords is a little luck, an opportunity to run away form a difficult situation. Seven of Swords is a card of spies and brings them a professional holiday. The Seven of Swords gives the ability to act cunningly, secretive, and to move away from a danger, and to avoid an open conflict with the enemy. The only question is how big the deception… At worst will be if a person has to answer for the deeds done by the of Seven Swords.

Sometimes, with Seven of Swords miracles could happen. We may face pleasant surprises that are not expected, and which help to solve the problem on the verge of fantasy.

If Seven of Cups is a card of dreams and fantasies, Seven of Swords is a card of plans conceptions, and intentions. A person creates new plans in solitude, meditation. A person applies critical thinking of his or her actions.” Seven of Swords with the Devil next in a spread means unethical behavior, and a person might feel shame if the truth comes out.

Seven of Swords indicates stress. A person does not like what is happening, he cannot accept it, so he continue to deceive himself and others to protect some truth or information. A person will follow a path of least resistance as well as concealment of secrets and avoiding responsibility.

In personal relations, a person can have another and yet he continue to follow other responsibilities in committed relationship.

Personal Characteristics

We cherish quite dangerous thoughts and plans. Our theories and concepts depend on our mood, and the mood is often quite cowardly. It shows that we simply do not have enough strength to reach our goals or fulfill promises, and we begin tricks, evasions and attempts to find a way out.

A person likes to tell a story to make a reality a little better that it is. The Seven of Swords can be an indicator that a person can play cards really well, and can play both honestly or with tricks to win.

A person tries hard to achieve goals, he always strives for something. He has the tenacity, intelligence and strategy for victory. He developed sharp intellect, – and if cornered in a complicated situation, can bypass the moral limits.

Seven Swords in an old interpretations means a spy, double agent, a person who sells other people’s secrets.Somebody needs a particular courage to wander on forged documents changing names and appearances.

The Seven of Swords can be a card of revenge, desire to get even, or to receive compensation. He gets his weapons being lost in Five of Swords and ready.

The Seven of Swords has a good understanding of the human psyche with all its weaknesses and is inclined to explain all the subtle and irrational by logic.

On a Deeper Level

The Light and Shadow

I am not going to take by force, but by guile. A person will show wit and diplomacy, avoiding any conflict, in addressing issues use workarounds, hiding true intentions. Strategically tuned behavior, no unnecessary movements. He has a caution of an owl in a night hour that will lead him to what his heart wants.

It is not a good time to force events. A person needs to set in motion all available skill and tricks. Sometimes even best to leave the situation and do not to get involved at all.

Classic advice of the Seven of Swords: keep quiet. We must avoid of excessive self-confidence, otherwise everything we plan will collapse.

The Seven of Swords advises us that we should not talk about what we need or what we plan to do. It is not a time for lies, double games, tricks and deceit. “Do not dig another hole – you will get yourself right into it.” With  “palace coup” makes sense to wait. Avoid suspicious companions and friends. Finally – beware of people manipulating others in their interest.

Personal Relations

Everything seems perfect, while somebody is using a situation at hand to his per her advantage.

It is a master (or mistress) to seduce. This is art for art’s sake, a strategy for a strategy. This person knows that it is necessary to write in ambiguous messages, with what expression on a face to look at another person, and what to do when it comes to sex, and most importantly – at what point to melt, like the morning mist.

On a personal note, the Seven of  Swords likes freedom, but does not like to take responsibility for anything and anyone. Emotional attachment scares.

Sometimes the Seven of Swords describes a desire for solitude.

Could show two people who needs relations, yet both of them pretend to be in love, just enjoy the benefits of the relations.





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