Two of Spades – Destiny cards – Power Through Friendships – January 12, February 10, March 8, April 6, May 4, June 2

2 of Spades people are focused most of all on partnership and friendship. They can become role motels for friendship and loyalty. This card has a strong influence of Aquarian personality traits because of Uranus/Uranus in their Spiritual Spread. They find their fulfillment via friendship. Uranus/Uranus position let alone their King of Clubs karma card gives them brilliant and gifted minds.

Life always rewards those who are smart and have a correct line of behavior.

As all two’s have different fairs – two of Spades people have fear to be alone. Most hurt these people get from betrayals of friendship and relations and they cannot learn to let it go, so they continue to surround themselves with same people tho continue to hurt them.

Their karma card is 6 of spades, which gives additional problem to create a monotonous life without changes. This karma card gives them also problems associated with health. These people need to create positive health habits.

2 of Spades people have strong intuitional gifts based on their spiritual spread position, yet they need to create an interest in self-development and spiritual life. Most of the times, spiritual development is neglected due to material attachments, personal relations and career desire.

Logic does not help to build personal relations that they usually put as a cornerstone of their happiness. So they usually get by with their strong logic and can create a good living.

Being hurt once, (same with two of diamonds and king of cups people), they could avoid marriage. They might have indecision about their romantic attempts. Sometimes they become overcontrlolligg and impose their career position and respect of the colleagues into their relations. Sometimes they can marry into money if they find somebody into them. Sometimes the routine makes them not flexible and lazy.

2 of Spades can be at position of authority and well promoted. Leadership at work comes easy and naturally mostly because they work very hard and they are smart and they are flexible and friendly when they share their professional discoveries.

Relations issues that most of 2 of spades face. 2 of spades have a happy marriage karma and mostly marry the people whom they love and whom they chose. This path though is not easy and has many challenges to overcome. The main problem in relations comes when the mind is too much involved in overthinking what is going on. Because they use their minds in relations, this creates problems, not solutions. This also happens because of their 3 of cups card in Pluto which means that the mind is too much concerned with the heart.

Two of Spades is a person whose mind is consumed with love while heart feels too little. So their minds go round and around about relations which leads nowhere, but frustration that leads access in non-healthy eating habits. Those habits more damage their hearts.

These people never could  create a right distance in relations – so they are either too far, or too close…Somehow they created a solid foundation for the marriage and the family, and at the same time they neglect emotional realm of relations.

Somehow 2 of Spades have a very good karma from past lives related to marriage – so this life even they make so many mistakes in personal relations they still stay protected from divorce.

They need to work on their emotional lives – they need to figure out how to love. Their fears just destroy their emotional foundation of happiness. They constantly think of their mistakes – and their being out of love and they are afraid what might happen. They feel that they are like magnets attract what they feel, not what they give. They are afraid that their partners will not be loyal to given work to stay together.

Men of Two of Spades attracted to Club females and make them their friends.

I guess they have hard time to understand love and at least they can replace it with friendship and loyalty.

Other traits of 2 of Spades personality

Like all twos, 2 of spades likes to co-oparate. They have very successful carer. They like to have constantly friends in the house and entertainment. These people will always find time and space for keeping in touch with others and meeting others is always on their calendar. Those people can get ill if their friends become distant, and they can physically get sick, not just emotionally. They also like to do things together with friends, not just talking.

The most hurt comes also from people who misunderstand noble motives of behavior of Two of Spades – which is true to most of spades people.

Spiritual Challenges and Gifts

2 of Spades needs to be open up to be a message of light and happiness. They need to create spiritual awareness of their true gifts. They need to operate on upper levels of consciousness and stop being attached to their material and emotional misunderstandings.

2 of Spades could be very religious card and indicates a fear of God. The biggest challenge of Two of Spades is indecision, which way to go.

People of 2 of Spaces need to seek wisdom and then their lives become easier due to additional power of spiritual strength. Life of 2 of Spades is always challenged by too much work and responsibilities. Sometimes these people lack of awareness of their true destiny and abilities and they need to overcome struggle their material and emotional complications and misunderstandings. They have to cultivate spiritual powers.


Mars-Neptune -Uranus influence happens when 2 of spades becomes too much fixated on their wants, needs and their opinions. They can deliberately use their minds, create plots, using their power for their personal gain and manipulation. They can become so called “Black Magicians.”

They may be too dependent upon their friends and environment.

They can be too controlling when they cannot find any better solution.

They can be dreamers and live in a world of fantasy escaping of not letting go.

They can neglect their health and some even can die at young age due to heart failure.

They are usually fragile health-wise.  These people even they have a good jobs can have more stress just thinking constantly how to make things better. They become overly responsible for all they do.

2 of spades shall avoid to  self-indulgence at the expense of work and duty, they need to be willing to serve, not to spare themselves in hard work.

Under strong Neptune Influence, they can easily be off balance lost in daydreaming, escape in a realm of unreality

They may get nervous if the loved one does not show any approval.

Life lesson

They need to create a strength of character to overcome material obstacles

Mercury Card is 8 of Cups

Power is gained through friendships. The more friends they have, the less they are subject to confusion. They are very dependable, and they keep their relations for a very long time. Approval is wanted. 8 of cups displaces the 7 of swords in the natural spread, so there is a danger of misunderstandings from those they are most desire to hold. They need to learn to accept critics and not be offended – they seem to put too much requirements on themselves and get frustrated when people do not see them as perfect examples in everything. They need to be more flexible and less fixed on their opinions.

Venus 6 of Clubs

Home life could be a bit monotonous. In relations, they need encouragement and collaboration. They need affection and will be very unhappy at any disapprovals. They need to create an interesting hobby or specialized study to avoid being bored at home.

Jupiter Card – Queen of Cups

Attracted to and benefited by women who are warm-hearted and understanding. They even seek friends among kind woman. Their mothers are usually beautiful,much loved and a beneficial influence in the life. Queen of Cup is a pleasure loving card and could lead 2 of Spades too far.

They need to keep balance in their lives.

They will have friends who have money and power.

Neptune Card – King of Spades

They will benefit from travel. Very spiritual card and a person can find a perfect way in a spiritual realm.

January 12 – there is no laziness in this card.These people are willing to work hard  and often too hard to attained the desired place.

January 12 – Jack London

1842 Francois Coppee, French poet

1902 Ibn Abdul-Aziz Saud, Kuwait, king (Saudi Arabia)

1903 Igor V Kurtshatov, Russian nuclear physicist – helped develop 1st Soviet nuclear weapon

1907 Sergei Korolev, scientist

1915 Ernest Armstrong, British politician (L) and teacher, born in Stanley, County Durham (d. 1996)

1942 Vladimir Sergeyevich Kozelsky, cosmonaut

1876 – Jack London

1628 – Charles Perrault

10 February

1917 – Aleksey Botyan

1890 – Boris Pasternak

1794- Antonio Rinaldi

1728 – Petr III

1898 – Bertolt Brecht

March 8

Otto Hahn



May 4 – Famous People

1877 Arthur Lang, US, boxer/businessman (Died Aug 8, 1992 at 115)
1881 Aleksandr F Kerenski, Russian premier (1917-Prelude to Bolshevism)

1923 Ed Cassidy, American musician (Spirit)

July 2

Marquis de Sade was a French aristocrat and philosopher who became notorious for acts of sexual cruelty in his writings as well as in his own life.



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