Two of Swords – the Lord of Reborn World

Have patience. Remain silent as much as possible and allow things to settle. A little meditation can help you achieve greater objectivity. You do not have enough information, as all the evidence hasn’t come in yet.

Wait until the timing is right and all the facts are clear before taking action.

Etteilla Meaning of Two of Swords

Keywords: harmony within the family. Return patronage. or insincere friendship with negative cards.

Direct – friendship
Reversed – a lie
Contradictions and conflicts are resolved and there is peace and friendship and happiness in your surroundings. Balance of forces  

  • “Lord Reborn World”
  • The armistice, Balancing Forces, Impartiality,
  • Moon in Gemini as an expression of deep inner doubt.
  • Astrological equivalents: Moon in Libra, Chiron, VII house, Gemini, Mercury.
  • The first decade of Libra.
  • balance

General Meaning

The traditional interpretation is considered to be a quite favorable card — harmony, strength, balance, agreements, solutions, precision of judgment, a realistic assessment of the situation. Two of Swords is credited with “peace of mind”, “sense of justice”, “balanced mind” and “well-laid plans.”

In conflict, it indicates that a confrontation won’t last long and be strong enough to really get in a way. The choice will be based on a careful weighing of the pros and cons.

There is another meaning for the Two of Swords that is waiting and resistance in a difficult position. There are some unsolved problems and stress cannot be reduced. It may be a calm before a storm of  Three Swords. It is unknown how the events will develop. The situation is ambivalent. Two of Swords speaks of uncertainty about what is happening, suppression of emotions and search for answers. A person is in a kind of mental paralysis, unable to make decisions and act with confidence.

A person cannot answer to his problems due to two opposing views on the issue, and he or she is not accepting any of them. Two swords can symbolize two factors that put a questioner to a standstill. To specify them, you can draw two cards.

A person is trying to cope with his or her feelings (especially fear), suppresses and hides them, including from himself and tries to find inner balance, ignoring actually what is putting this person out of balance.

In ancient interpretations, the Two of Swords can be interpreted as imposing protection for the questioner if he is looking for help.

A negative interpretation of Two of Swords can warn about”dangerous times that require courage; Duel, but no fatalities. ” We also can expect discord in alliance decay.

Personal Feelings

The refusal to see a problem is necessarily a real issue  – the problem is how a person perceives as a problem. A person cannot see a forest from the trees, actively shying away. A person is dependent upon a specific situation and is burying his head in a sand and not wanting to pay attention to what’s going on.

A person hides away from some excessive influences of a certain situation. Two of Swords brings stress and sadness, even there is nothing wrong, but … just a person is a state in which  there is no help nor hinder.

Two of Swords is a self-defense card, which manifests the desire for peace and balance, to ensure that a person can withdraw and concentrate to put his or her thoughts in order. By influence of the Two of Swords, we do not only look for a way out of a difficult situation, many are engaged in restoring of control over our inner world to find peace.

Until we rush about by contradictions and frightening thoughts, we cannot make decisions. In this state, a person should look for peace and quiet, and quite explicitly a person needs protection from anything that might disturb his emotions. The protection of a person at this moment is a temporary blindness to the environment and inability to make any moves or decisions.

A position of a person is steadfastness which is a solid foundation of his belief. A person is not planning to get up from a pedestal and begin to act — even if he or she will be pushed — until a person decides that he or she is ready for it. The Two of Swords displays abeyance and external passivity, the only mind is working.

A source of balance are exclusively internal.

A person is not going to do anything until his mind is calm not to make any mistake. The main focus is to restore inner peace, before moving on to some kind of action. But it takes all the energy –  not to let the horror overwhelm a person, – so he decided to align and maintain a certain inner state. A person tries to suppress of a crisis in a bud – and to fight for a situation not letting it out of control and be turned into a conflict. To do this, a person must refrain from any sudden movements, needs to be centered on himself or herself not to allow a dark and destructive forces influence over a person.

The lesson of a Two of Swords is:

A person is fully immersed in himself, doing internal works on self-reflection, or forming a preparedness for a current situation. A person draws to himself in a spiritual world, and builds his energy and strength in order to reorganize a situation.

All a person needs is to regain control of his or her spiritual world, before taking steps in an outside world.The mistake here is if a person is protecting himself from external pressure, but he tries to protect himself from his own thoughts and feelings that scare and irritate a person!

Then, a person becomes cold, distrustful, skeptical, and egocentric. He becomes over calculating. In the worst case, he rejects other people’s self-expression as well his own, – he kills any feelings of his own and other people where it is love or anger. A person stops feeling anything.

Feelings for a person stop being real because he cannot show how he feels – it becomes mission impossible. A person knows how to work only He makes sure nothing bothers him seriously, and at the same time a person constantly experiencing anxiety in connection with ordinary things, and learn to suppress this alarm, so as not to lose control.

A person really works hard on his self-development, accumulating lots of energy, but it is not enough – he has no energy or desire for close mutual communications, or truly productive intellectual work and many other things that he might have wanted to do. He seems “indecisive” – yet he is so busy making decisions.

On A Deeper Level

A person literally gnawed by his doubts and fear to meet something unpleasant. He or she is making desperate attempts to exert all his intelligence to take to find a way to solve his issues.

However, a true belief arises only when we are aware of a problem on a level of intuition. But this area of the subconscious – the sea and the moon are cut off (by two swords). The crossed swords are the intelligence boundaries closing access to intuition. Agonizing doubts and ignorance of what to do, come to the fore precisely because a person “turns his back” to the sea and the moon: two sources of deep intuitive knowledge. Two of Swords is the opposite of the High Priestess.

Supreme goal the Two of Swords is achievement of internal equilibrium on a basis of acquired knowledge. A person needs to be very centered so even external forces be very strong – a person will not afraid of it because of his strength and balance. A person will be like of a spiritual warrior, gathers strength before a painful battle. Pictured in the background rocks, washed by water, symbolizing problems waiting for its hour.

The Two of Swords realized Venus, and has themes of Taurus and Libra. The alliance will exist as long as would be beneficial. And it will provide a minimum of objectivity and impartiality, instead of open antagonism and rejection, unity for the sake of common goals, or at least an understanding of how common objectives will be achieved.

The Two of Swords goes after the Ace of Swords, develops and complements its in value. The Ace of Swords is an impulsive force, a period of human passion. This power (usually very fast) begins to look for a way outside. In other words, any passion must necessarily be “splash out” of the soul: otherwise a person simply can not live a normal life. However, outside world (or object of passion), as a rule, has a certain resistance to this energy. From this resistance of the Ace of Swords momentum is born in the Two of Swords.

There is a test whether a desire is strong? The willpower, when faced with an obstacle either overcomes it, or fades. Impulse, which is set by the Ace of Swords, ie Strength (or seed), meets with the resistance of the medium. It’s like a vector directed toward one another — a collision situation. If an impulse is not damped and willpower pass this first test, a person will have an opportunity to move forward.

Born from a source, thought (Ace) goes to reality, where everything is divided into polarity (Two). A person faces a concept of dialectical dualism – an essence of all the unity and struggle of opposites.

The Two of Swords reflects a drama of a human mind which is unable to comprehend a holistic source from which a mind came, and trying to regain balance through the simultaneous vision of polarities.

Crossed Swords are contradictory thoughts, giving impetus to a work of consciousness. Conscious choice is carried out only at a moment when two possibilities achieved balance and a choice is not obstructed.

On the background pictures of the Two of Swords we can see a smooth surface of water: emotions are completely at rest and under control.

The first decade of Libra inherent good taste, elegance, calm and focused reasoning, and perfection of style.

The Two of Swords gives a person sympathy, courtesy, sensitivity and commitment to a delicate, tender relationship, ruled by the benevolent and flexible Moon, gives nuances and knowledge to a person how to adapt and identify with a partner and creates good feelings.

The Moon of the Two of Swords empowers us moral purity and allows us to be “perfect judge” in a field of human relationships “, but it also (Moon) gives some hesitation, arising from a fear of destroying the old.”

The Light and Shadow (Advise of Two of Swords)

Tip: take nothing for granted.  Tune and critically review the situation through a magnifying glass of your intuition, not being afraid to see something unpleasant. Give yourself time to meditate. Do not any sides of listen to advice. Leave a person or problem alone, do not to interfere until you become focused and in control of your emotions.

We must overcome fear, to get away from passively thinking. You need to regain control and see what can be done. Often, your problems will disappear as you become centered.

Personal Relations

A person has too many questions about his relations that can be expressed in endless internal dialogue with a partner, or a “shadow of a partner”. A person does not trust himself as well he has doubts about a partner. A person is very skeptical. As a rule, a person has no certainty in anything – all completely unknown what to do next. Sometimes it manifests itself and the failure to recognize his problems, as well as  unwillingness to see or appreciate what his partner does for him.

The positive outcome of the Two of Swords is a union of incompatible points of view, an alliance in order to achieve some common goals, based on mutual benefit. The ability to help each other and to reach a compromise.

It can be an establishment of diplomatic relations between two enemies. Usually, there is some common goal. Sometimes a relationship can manifest emotional courage and openness, harmony, and even intimacy It shows situations where objectivity and impartiality replaced the bias and antagonism which is a huge step forward.

Patroness the Two Swords is considered to be Venus, however, it depicts endless series of disputes to rich an agreement.

The meaning of the Two of Swords where some writers believe that”Excellent model of relations that can overcome the most severe storms” could be strongly overestimated. It is rather a delicate balance of power in a tense situation.

The Two of Swords is about people who tend to keep their hearts inaccessible and unapproachable. They denies both their feelings and the feelings of another, they do not accept them. Describing partner, a person is ready to “turn a blind eye” to the antics of another, and absolutely is not sure about anything, although traditional meaning of this card is “harmony, friendship, tenderness, intimacy, union, passion.”

Health Conditions

In Direct position, a person needs to check eyes and a heart.

In Reversed position, the life forces are leaving a person.

Professional Situation

Questionable business, a project that all the time in question. All talks go “around and around”, and parties are afraid to reveal the cards (and see other people – too). Any information seems questionable. Not knowing what to do next gives a sense of impasse. Lack of faith in people’s abilities and strength is due to the lack of recognition and valuation.

The lack of clarity, uncertainty about the future. Instability in a professional situation. Braking in moving up a career ladder.

The deadlock is due to a difference of opinion. The best case is an acceptance of a compromise solution, and temporal resolution of a conflict. An attempt to resolve fairly an opposing opinion.

A very careful conduct of affairs in business; careful planning of each step of the business. A person has doubts about whether to do this work at all (“I need it?”). It could be difficulties with concentration and problem analysis.

It can be a unity, an alliance of competitors that friendship of colleges who know each other value.

Swords is not a best suit for human relationships, – so harmony here is conditional, superficial and limited. It shows a balance of power in a stressful situation (there is existence of two groups, which differ greatly in their approach in doing business within one organization).

The card can show delays in payments or documents. And all papers need to be thoroughly investigated.

Reversed Two of Swords

The decision has already been made (and probably by someone for the questioner), a calm period is over, and time for action has come. If the present-day situation is not satisfied, the person is ready to become a troublemaker, upset the existing balance. According to Mary Greer, “You can open your eyes and see the truth, and find out that you are living a lie.” It makes sense to intervene in a situation to take action.

A person can face some duplicity and shows on a partner who has plenty of secrets. Or a person does not trust his parter because of some gossip or simply his negativity in general.

Wrong ideas. Imposture. The discrepancy.

Another traditional meaning of the Two of Swords  – lies, slander, gossip, which harm the reputation; ill-considered statements that make the tension in any relationship faux pas.

The mind is very tired to see through issues. Difficulty in concentration, an inability to see both sides of an issue because something is missing.

Alister Crowley The Two of Swords Meaning

Drive: Peace, arrangement of differences, a good compromise between soul and mind

Light: Beginning of analysis, balanced force, contradictory characteristics in the same nature

Shadow: Difference, disagreement, opposites calmed down by cold logic only, unsolved tensions

With Other cards

The Fool – weakens the negativity of Two of Swords, bringing transparency, looseness and vulnerability

The Justice – helps a person to open the eyes and recognize the truth

The Wheel of Fortune – makes awaken to the activity and get out of a static waiting because it shows a happy way out of an issue

The Star – softens an effect of the Two of Swords, inspiring hope and dispelling fears

The Moon – enhances negative side of the Two of Swords, and leads to misunderstanding of reality and self-deception

Nine of Wands – reinforces self-defense

Seven of Swords – strengthens an escape from of truth

With the Four of Pentacles – a hopeless position, blockage






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