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Ace represents desire. Diamonds represent values – not necessary wealth, but useful qualities at large.

Ace of Diamonds displaces 2 of Diamonds. In the Spiritual Spread, the position of the Ace of Diamonds is the Uranus Card in the Jupiter Line.

First Karma Card – 2 of Diamonds

Second Karma Card is Ace of Cups

So Ace of Diamonds finds his or her rightful place threw higher ideals and development of spiritual values and intuition. Emotions play an important role so better to focus on spiritual values otherwise a person enters battle field of making decisions between love and money.

In most cases, ambitions will dominate over intuition, and a person can suffer emotionally.

This person shall avoid negative emotions, ore may magnet sorrow and obstacles in the love life.

They need to develop strong minds and have a firm spiritual purpose.

From early age, Ace of Diamonds needs to develop a strong character to overcome obstacles. They are gifted in arts, dance, languages, and natural science as children. They parents much invest a lot in their education and help them to get the highest education as possible. Children may otherwise choose to make money fast after school which is not the best pass for them.

Ace of Diamonds like other Aces is good at directing energy toward one goal or one project at a time. That is why if they do not go middle way, they either lose love or money.

Sometimes Ace of Diamonds needs to learn to be pertinent. The concept of good and evil is somewhat complicated – so they can go from one extreme of blind kindness to the other extreme of selfishness and shrewdness.

Jupiter/Neptune card is good for being leaders in spiritual gatherings – perfect voice and smartness of ideas to inspire followers to do what they ask to. They also are willing to help unfortunate and those seeking help.They love animals and can lead animal rescue and shelter. They like the idea to safe their friends and family, business associates, even their loved one.

Sometimes they can follow the path of illusions. Adolph Hitler was Ace of Diamonds and he was believing he was doing good for the world, yet it caused sufferings of millions of innocents.

Neptune shall be very strong in the natal charts of Aces of Diamonds. So these people will always have dreams as visions and they need to follow their dreams and they will figure out how to draw a map to reach their highest goals.

Ace of Diamonds usually will have two jobs. Most of their success comes form meeting new people whom they inspire and people will help.

These people must travel a lot because it brings them new prospectives and awakens new dreams. They need to learn dancing or even take an acting class because they need to let their artistic ability to be awaken.

They will have a lot of communications at their working places and communications will go both personal and professional ways.

Whatever they do they need to believe that they are doing it for a good cause and they make the most important contributions to the projects they work on.

They shall not let money to become first priority in their values, then they live a happy life. If they are too focused on money, money will slip form their fingers.

Neptune and Uranus are very prominent planets and it means that they can feel the future – predict scientific know-hows or they can see the future, or they can feel more than other people feel. They can be good psychics.

Aces of Diamonds somewhat attract long distance relations. And this is a challenge for them. Sometimes this happens due to their career options. The other option, Ace of Diamonds stays too close to their partner and work and travel and constantly together. Here comes another challenge.

Ace of Pentacles because of strong Neptune influence and influence of Pisces at first creates a dream image of their partner, idealize them seeing only good values and talents, and of course their partners are real human beings with their weaknesses, so when Ace of Pentacles sees their partners from a sharp light of reality, they become angry and disappointed.

The main challenge of all Aces as well as of Ace of Diamonds, that they are unable to speak up their needs and wants and expectations, and they want that other half will understand them completely. So with proper communications, everything is possible.

They far to often make assumptions that other person does things on purpose or not interested in listening to them or change.

Many would say that Ace of Pentacles are not marriageable types because they have high unrealistic expectations of what ideal relations should be.

Anyway, Ace of Diamonds is optimistic, – even over optimistic in his or her outlook on life.

Jupiter/Neptune influence can cause them to turn a blind eye on the faults of others, not just loved one. They even cannot see their own shortcomings. In most cases, they may not see their egoistic tendencies. They can be blind to their own personal gain motivations.

They are focused on themselves and gives them me-oriented behavior. In most parts, they are loaners, yet they enjoy working with others especially making money together.

Ace of Diamonds loves to work. They want to create endless list of things and they also interested in developing business ideas.

3 of Spades in Jupiter gives them talents in art, acting and they are very crafty with their hands.

5 of cups in Venus brings them love to travel. They either travel with their loved one or they meet a new love while traveling. A male Ace of Diamonds may have a soul-mate or a woman friend at every stop he travels. Many consider that men of Ace of Diamonds are not faithful, – yet I would strongly disagree. I think they must have a vision of themselves as saviors if they have so many relations. They love every woman they meet, which is wonderful, – yet if they are in love, they will stay with the only person who stole their hearts.

All Aces of Diamonds would have to go threw hardships in their lives – they have 9 of cups. Hardship could be both financial and heart related. Anyway, Ace of Diamonds will always finds a way to be happy even going threw their hardest times. Optimism will always be present at whatever happens. Jupiter is a very strong planet, so mostly Ace of Pentacles will realize all their dreams and will have always a protective hand what provides best and unexpected scenarios.

Ace of Diamonds will never mix their career with marriage. They need to be protected financially.

Usually Ace of Diamond women may find the best match among Kings of Clubs (because others will adore them for financial independence and feminine qualities).

If Ace of Diamonds flows spiritual path, their Moon card is 2 of Diamonds which is the most financially successful cards. Ace of Diamonds will make plenty of money not even wanting to.

Planetary Influences based on Life Spread

Mercury – Queen of Diamonds

The mother may be very influential person in the family.

It also shows that Ace of Diamonds man will want to marry a woman with higher position in society or a woman who is smart and who will help with to attain independence or will contribute to his support. Ace of Diamonds men will strongly avoid uneducated or not sophisticated women.

Ace of Diamonds woman will want to rule over her relations. She will tend to achieve the highest position in her career or education.

Aces of Diamonds will have a desire to command or rule at any situation that arise. They have quick and sharp minds. They are very smart and genius at early ages. They respect authority and be very nice to their parents and teachers. Yet, they seek independence at everything, so if you push the kid or an older person of Ace of Diamonds, beware – they will not follow and they will be angry.

5 of cups in Venus

Too many changes and problems that will be connected to their family and loved one. They are very patient and then suddenly they can be very impatient. They are willing to give a lot, yet they tend to run if too much pressure is upon them. These people need to travel a lot because they cannot stay at one place for a long time. They need to move, do repairs or any kinds of changes. The more they travel, the calmer they become.

3 of Clubs in Mars

They often misdirect their energy because they are not sure where they need to achieve.

They may have a conflict between what they think and what they have to do to keep material needs up to their standards. They tend to have anger management issues and as well they cannot work long where they have men bosses. They need to be sure of their decisions and they need to keep being positive.

Their second Mars card is Ace of Spades. Believe it means that if they overcome a challenge of a choice, and direct their energy on one important thing, they will and very fast.

Jupiter Card is 3 of Spades (3 of Spades is Jupiter card in Saturn Line).

They want power and control and could gamble their happiness to achieve what they want. They need to learn to be consistent in their effort and patient.

Usually they have two opportunities at one time and will delay until the every end to make a decision.

Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction brings genius once they overcome difficulty in making impossible choices.

It also can bring a great talents in chemistry or biology fields.  If they choose a profession of diagnosticians, they can become very famous. They need to delete their personal feelings and emotions form their cause and listen to their intuition.

Saturn card – 9 of Hearts Wish Card (Saturn/Saturn Line)

This is a pointer to a heavy love and money karma. Ace of Diamonds needs to understand that money is not the main purpose in life as well as learn to take it easy disappointments in love.

Emotional problems cause illness. Jealousy and possessiveness bring their heartbreaks. They need to learn to forgive and forget to find universal love.

Do not set requirements of emotional relations too high because it leads to disappointments.

It also shows that money can be spent on illness of family or loved one.

Nice means endings and completions. So Saturn is a planet of restrictions, and the right behavior can lead to ending sufferings on personal level.

9 of Cups shows that it was some past life habitual mistakes needs to be forgiven and released, a person needs to see inside what actually causing toxicity of relations. Aces of Diamonds need to a new way to approach love, marriage, and family matters that leads to independence and happiness.

Nice is a Pisces card as well as a position of Ace of Diamonds in a Spread. It shows strong 12th house, Strong Neptune, or planets in Pisces. 9 of cups may show that Ace of Diamonds wants to restrict their partners and want to “save” their partners. They tend to create a co-dependency in their relations. So unspoken needs and wants of Ace of Diamonds, plus a tendency to have a blind eye on their partners shortcomings as well as their own shortcomings contribute to challenges in personal relations.

Anyway, their strong Neptune influence safes them from suffering too long or too deep. It is more of a chronic situation that healing slowly and making pain that is an indication to make changes and constantly improve their relations.

Uranus card – 7 of Clubs – Double Uranus influence – Spiritual Power in Revelation

Ace of Diamonds has a gifted minds that awaken suddenly. 7 is another card that shows a desire for freedom because they want to live a spiritual life. They need to strive for something. This card can bring some tendency to melancholy and desire to be alone at times. The mood change swings after existing hours of work. It also has a need to be a top dog (because of karma card of 7 of clubs is 8 of Diamonds).

Ace of Diamonds shall be very good at critical situations and finds the right solution to a problem.

Ace of Diamonds believes in spiritual truth, yet they need some demonstrations to revelations. These people attract other people who tell them all the gossip going on. They may lose a real side of the events, because they may have too much misleading information which contains emotions rather than real facts.

I think these people like to live to the fullest and may try everything to the extreme to learn. Extremes seldom satisfy them, and they lean to find spiritual powers.

Neptune Card – 5 of Diamonds – Saturn-Neptune Conjunction

The desire for travel may not be completely fulfilled because of some restrictions. A person can become an explorer or adventurer. They can learn a true value of things while traveling. They can gain more spiritual understanding via traveling.



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