King of Clubs – Discrimination and balance in Knowledge – January 27. February 25. March 23, April 21, June 19 July 15, August 13, September 11, October 9, November 7. December 5

The Uranus Card in the Uranus line Displaces 2 of Spades in a Natural Spread.

This card os of a ripe judgment. By nature, Kings of Clubs are spiritually minded, but at times, they could be forceful and aggressive when they think their authority is challenged.

Kings of Clubs can become spiritual healers and physicians. If they do not focus on their spiritual development, they become hard and self-centered, unsympathetic, and incapable of rendering services to others or achieving any further growth for themselves.

These people have not just conscious minds and efficient brains, but also occult abilities. Uranus opens doors to understanding, and when there is a power card in that position, we only have to walk through the door and discover ourselves what lies on the other side of our personality.
Their spiritual place is a Saturn position in the Jupiter Line – speaks of obligations to teach and consult. Their karma card is 2 of Spades gives them the ability to work better in partnerships where they can exchange ideas. Being alone can make them stuck with monotonous routine and static prosperity.

Both men and women of King of Clubs are fast learners and good thinkers. Women tend a to get into emotional problems because of their family and lose themselves in worries. Women are successful in case they are happily married. They often help their husbands too by giving them workable ideas and actively participate in mental angles of their husbands or family business. If King of Clubs is married, they develop strong family ties and have a keen sense of obligations. They always make sacrifices for children and give them a good education.

Even the careless and contrary among them have intelligent minds. The problem is that they waste themselves in middle curiosity and quest for knowledge of counts. The kings are the knowers, and you cannot hide your real motives.

All Kings of Clubs I know are loners and a bit introverted. They also act somewhat weird or strange.

Planetary Sequence for King of Clubs

Mercury Card is Jack of Diamonds

A gift for fluent writing and talking, and the ability to make money through their efforts. In early years, they have a strong desire for money, and they learn a lot to lay a strong foundation for the future.

Restless and inquiring, they become very impatient if things are moving slowly. Often meet irritable people or situations in childhood.

Venus Card is 4 of Cups

Love of friends and family brings contentment. Wants to marry young, and they are usually very successful in marriage. If once denied marriage, become restless, and they do not want to try again. They are very hospitable when friends visit their house. Often being a spiritual group and influenced by spiritual beliefs. They always seek spiritual development and attracted to people who are spiritual.

Mars Card is 4 of Pentacles

They usually have the ability to make money and provide for themselves, and nd if they have financial difficulties, it is temporary and in younger years.

They are not greedy, but they are cautious at spending money. If they are in business, Kinfs of Clubs continually will be traveling on behalf of it. Interested in selling the property, dealings in stocks and bonds. They make excellent attorneys – especially corporate layers or for trustees of the real estate. They are willing to work hard for adequate compensation. They dislike routine in details.

Jupiter card is 2 of Spades – their Karma card

The partnership is a key to success. These people shall never work alone or make decisions without consultation. There is always a tendency to leave the most of the responsibility to the partner and rest on their oars. They should avoid laziness and drifting. Whatever is established for good or evil will remain for a long time.

Saturn Card is 8 of Hearts

Have power in overcoming disease, and recuperate quickly. Are well carried when sick. Make good healers, psychic investigators; They become a fine physician in any line. May have to learn that misdirected love and uncontrolled emotions cause pain.

Uranus Card – 6 of Clubs

If the intuition is cultivated, they will have positive guidance. They have a gift of prophecy and usually have prophetic dreams. They should avoid a tendency to become lazy. Although they have high intellect, they may hard time to understand simple truths and as well their power of their intuition.

They must keep on investigating and learning.

Neptune Card is 6 of Spades

They could become more enormous than they are.

Challenges for the King of Clubs are carelessness and frivolity.

Birthdays Ruled by the King of Clubs

January 27. Aquarius: Ruler Uranus

It is the exception if those individuals do not realize they are forerunners for the new age. They are champions of underdogs. Successful in politics, labor dealings, and business. They are gifted in music and acting.

February 25. Pisces. Ruler: Neptune

Healers and teachers – often mystics. Many become priests and nuns by this date. They want peace and spiritual assurance. They usually follow a commercial career because they doubt themselves to succeed in creative fields.
They love the sea and long journeys by water. They can succeed brilliantly in music, especially signing. They are good at directing, acting and producing. They are willing to work behind the scenes. They are natural humanitarians and are very service-oriented. They also can be assistants.

March 23. Aries. Ruler: Mars

Dynamic and progressive. Leas spiritual concern than many Kings of Clubs. Like big, successful businesses, very ambitious: can buy or sell anything for big concerns and covering the big field. Popular: free spenders, and make money quickly.
They get along well with men. They are not lazy and take an active part in any activities around them. Successful in publishing and compiling the information for wide circulation. They can paint and usually gifted in arts. They love to act in the theatre. They have clear, scientific minds.

April 21: Aries or Taurus. Ruler: Mars or Venus

Both interested in living comfortably. A strong love for home as well as business. Aries must guard against selfishness and domination of willpower. Taurus watch out for possessiveness and greed. Usually well content with home and work. Often promoted or exploited. Work well with the ground. Naturalists. Lovers of art, but usually not performers. They can succeed in music, can paint. They have exceptional wiring abilities.

May 19: Taurus. Ruler: Venus
More gifted in art, music, and drama that other Taurus birthday.
They are ethical, and they are meticulous about ethics of others. They have a good sense of humor. Easy and friendly people to work with. Philanthropic. Make good educators, judges, philosophers, and writers.

June 17: Gemini. Ruler: Mercury

More inclined to art than many Gemini. They are good writers, teachers,, layers, interpreters, and statisticians. They know how to commercialize their knowledge. They are not the most gifted but they usually hard working and make right connections to get a good education and good career. They are more curious that spiritual. Restless and changeable, and they are very calculating. Men love to select women from high society, with money, often older than they are, and they are open to having a strong-willed woman who likes to tell her mind.
Women who are born on June 17 are usually pleasure looking and opportunistic.

July 15. Cancer. Ruler: Moon

These are awe-inspiring people. They want to achieve highest goals. They have great respect for public opinion, and careful to build their reputation. They are willing to work hard for their comfort and appearances.
They are good teachers, counselors, and priests. Good listeners. They can write on philosophical and educational topics. They can be good journalists and commentators. They may have musical abilities and talent for painting. They are sympathetic, understanding and comforting.

August 13. Leo Ruler: Sun

They want to be leaders in the chosen field. They inject drama into their work and personal relations. They somehow either create gossip or surrounded themselves with drama people and chatter and it seems to entertain them.

They can be dramatic critics, writers, actors, director. Sometimes they can be sponsors of philanthropic activities.
They need to learn to maintain a balance between their mental and emotional nature. They are too intellectual and hardly be swept off their feet by emotional crises. This is a karmic birthday number. Life is often more difficult for those people than for many Kings of Clubs.

Women may have problems with their children who can lead this world before them. They can lose fortunate in the unwise investments. Their risk is usually not paid off.
They can be very intellectual, yet they need to develop emotional intelligence. Kings if Clubs have some psychic power, but they need to create spiritual awareness to use their knowledge for good and for helping others.

They may easily offend other people even not trying to.Their critical mind sees all weaknesses and imperfections in others, and they are ready to share this knowledge with others.

Men could see if a woman is not earnest and they will just use the situation to prove it to others.
Or a woman of King of Clubs can tell another woman of infidelity of her husband and watch her cry. And she even may not realize how much pain she caused another human being.

Most of August 13th birthday keep a large library of excellent books, and they will try to read all unusual and rare books. They love to know whatever comes first.

Men have e tendency to be entertained by other people grid and weaknesses.
They tend to get into calculating marriage. They can give up love for money and comfort if underdeveloped.

September 11. Virgo. Ruler: Mercury

Writers, designers, journalists, educators, and statesman predominate this birthday. This birthday number produces many poets and producers. They also very creative prose writers. They will know all people form publishing and entertainment business and have plenty of VIP contacts. Unless in the literary field, they are drawn to science.
They are excellent researchers, statisticians, economists. They make excellent City fathers. They are often directors of publishing houses, police, charity. They are very neurotic and anxious to know the law and teach it.

They can be ruthless and cruel if underdeveloped. Most ofKings of Clubs  believe that ends justify the means.

They are good partners until they are interested in the project. They are attentive listeners. They tend to have a family and love dogs. They will always go for second marriage if the first marriage one collapses. They often marry to a promote woman, a leader, and innovator in the field. They love their woman active and stimulating. Usually, they marry to money or to a high potential, and their wives are very good looking.

October 9. Libra Ruler: Venus

These individuals somewhat are very talented in early childhood, and then they can develop skills in one field and lack talent in others. Like, they are often gifted writers, but they will be lost in math and physics.

They are very good and patient children to listen to their mothers and respect their fathers and other relatives. They are weak and gentle in their willpower. They prefer to look to the mother and bend on serving on their self-interest. They might just not see the bigger picture for all humanity – but only see needs of their family and their own needs.
They often lack initiative and waiting for things to happen for them.
They have exceptional abilities to learn new languages and good orators. They can be best diplomats and go-between. They make friends easily. They must determine emotional balance. They may take everything personally, but introverted and keep to themselves.
They may suffer if thwarted in love. They are better writers than artists. They may not have enough emotions to get by as actors.

November 7. Scorpio. Ruler: Mars

Physicians or metaphysicians. They love to rule.
In older times, they could become black magicians and do many experimentations in occultism. Can be ruthless and cruel if underdeveloped spiritually. Of all Kings of Clubs are in the most danger to lose it and getting off the right track.
They know their power too well. Indefinable diggers are for secrets, science or occult. Strong potions on government and political questions. Iconoclastic. Apt to believe that ends justify means. Must keep of transactions legitimate. They can make excellent diagnosticians and physicians.

December 5. Sagittarius. Ruler: Jupiter

Nervous, impatient, high-strung, but loyal and devoted to loved once and the family. They are generous with employers and charitable with underprivileged. They demand personal freedom, and in return never impose their authority. Have a good sense of values. They always make a good bargain to make both sides win. They love changes, travel, and speed.

They make good salesmen, writers, talkers. They have a dramatic gift and musical talent. They are likely to be good dancers.

They like to be connected with public life and this makes them famous too.

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