7 of Spades – The Card of Faith – January 7th, February 5th, March 3rd, and April 1st

7 of Spades attracts very strong and famous people with a great will-power: people who have very strong character and can suppress 7 of Spades. This is a gift and a punishment at the same time. They should strive for peace and do not be involved in disharmonious relations. Often they marry for money or for the support that a partner can provide them.

Many Sevens of Swords get into accidents. These accidents are not necessarily related to cars. So they need to care a lot for their bodies and need to exercise a lot to maintain health.

The First Karma card for the 7 of Spades is a King of diamonds – this king has only one eye and is even more fixed on the ideas than other kings whose worldview and values are very often changed.

The Second Karma card is 8 of Cups gives luck in communication fields and add the ability to handle power. For a woman, this often means that she can attract a man who holds a high position and is still very popular among women. 7 of Spades need to cultivate inner peace to build harmonious relations.

The important lesson for 7 of Spades is to learn to understand oneself, the desires and spiritual aspirations. Then 7 of Spades has a chance to understand other people and their aspirations. When 7 of Spades is focused on spiritual development, it helps her to part their illusions and misunderstandings.

7 of Spades is a very strong card and in a negative application, but it can succumb their own egoism. 7 of Spades person can follow their ego and become very manipulative using their own weaknesses to get whatever they want from other people without putting any effort into it.

7 of Spades often feels self-sufficient to the extent, that with lower spirituality can activate a sense of superiority over other people, and this is the way into an abyss of negativity, sickness, and attachments. They also can attract a partner who has to have a pernicious habit of drug and alcohol and 7 of Spades can also become addicted themselves. When 7 of Spades becomes painfully ashamed of his or her manipulations, 7 of Spades may start using alcohol and drugs.

7 of Spades should show maximum enthusiasm and efforts to leave a trace for the people with the application of their talents and perseverance. If they do nothing, all their colossal energy goes to self-destruction.

Sevens, like the Aces, can self-destruct themselves because of misunderstanding of completely ordinary things. 7s like Aces manage to separate themselves from other people, becoming self-sufficient and self-centered loners. Like Aces, Sevens do not know and do not see others, if there are no similar emotions in them. When the sevens are concentrated and calm, then their knowledge and state of wisdom can illuminate with the light of wisdom and inspire others to do the right things.

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