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The Venus Card in Uranus line displaces Jack of Diamonds. This is a card of memory. These people have mental gifts of extraordinary degree. They have such a wealth of knowledge and naturally can turn to teaching, writing, speaking. They also can be great dancers and will have perfection in every move.

Jack of Clubs is a card of the future. This is a symbol of the androgynous or bisexual state of race is evolving. For that reason, the present manifestation is often neutral – a situation that causes confusion and discrepancy in present-day society.

Many of women born under Jack of Clubs fail to marry. The majority have masculine minds and habits of life. These women are seldom domestic and they have little patience with pettiness and vanity.

Both men and women seek unusual attachments which are unwise and discrediting.

The only kind of work that suits jacks of Clubs is in the mental field. There is a terrible drive to give in what they know.

Planetary Sequence for Jack of Clubs

Mercury Card is 9 of Diamonds

Worry over money disturbs the equilibrium. Somehow there will be a lot of situations where a person can lose a fortune through unfortunate circumstances.

A person at the beginning of the career choices a smart easy path to get an education, and unfortunate circumstances like loss of money, or a war, or sickness in the family, makes a person give up education and get a job. They have a karma of sudden loss of money and fortune.
Later they develop an attitude of spending freely and irresponsibly because they just want to leave the moment.

Early years could be very hard because of a domineering and strict mother, bad relations with sisters or other domineering female relatives. The worst comes if parents give the child to grandparents. It creates nervousness and disbelieves in a better life.

They need to surround themselves with young generation and feel constantly a spirit of growth and development.

From early childhood, they understand the importance of money. This can lead them to focus their efforts on marrying with a smart and rich person or desire never marry at all and establish themselves professionally and surround themselves with clever people.

Venus Card is 7 of Spades

They have a great love of home, usually leave the family home early because they feel restrict living under parents roof.

At first, they seem to have a perfect marriage, yet jealousy or interference of female members of the family creates a crush on the foundation of marriage. They try to live calmly and try really hard to be perfect partners who give in a lot to relations. Nerves and health suffer form commotion.

They can meet lots of unfortunate events falling from the sky out of the blue: loss of money, illness of family members, unfulfilled promises. Being very determined and even arrogant, they cannot live through infidelity or ignorance of partners. They suffer if they do not feel loved.

Women may have first problems with demanding mothers; then lack of famine energy creates tension with a mother-in-law who may eventually disturb a good relationship with the husband. Because Jack of Clubs has a negative mind (Mercury influence), they stop seeing marriage as a heaven. Once they stop being satisfied with their marriage, they are unable to make adjustments to their relations because their hearts go into conflict with the mind.
They may end up in a situation of an incompatibility insurmountable.

They shall avoid living close to water.
Women can create drinking problems or other unhealthy addictions.

Mars card – 2 of Clubs

They have lots of fears and fears make them furious and angry. Another influence shows that they have very hard time to control their negative emotions.

Women typically have unusual looks – not just beautiful, but some dramatic and very memorable look. They dance gracefully and always have a young appearance. They may have problems with one eye or have a different vision of both eyes. Some asymmetrical beauty….

These people can be very argumentative mostly because of their fear complexes and complexes of incompleteness. It seems they judge themselves highly. At times, they can be perfectly focused and balanced and know all the answers to all questions in the universe. At times, when they lose balance, they feel they have all imperfections, they stop believing their hearts and that is how the evil may be born within.

They need to study metaphysics and focus their attention on spiritual development to be balanced and happy. They can become enlightenment and find answers to all their questions via Ace of Spades (Displacement card of 2 of Clubs).

They never shall fear to co-operate.

Jupiter Card – King of Clubs

Benefits come from the willingness to take responsibility. There is always a young male who represents an opportunity. First, probably the opportunity to marry for a true love and having a young man for a woman; and a good friend for a male.

The firstborn male child can be of great help also. It is essential to give a good education especially to male born children, so their talents can be spread to the universe. Or there would be another mutual advantage.

Women usually have the opportunity to marry a man of high intelligence and status, associated with business, politics, law or large enterprises. It will grow successfully with a woman’s help.

King of Clubs is knowledge card. Knowledge can be aways a must for their success.

Saturn Card – Jack of Diamonds

Jack of Diamonds also a karma card for Jack of Clubs. It is a blessing and a curse at the same time.
Even those people can have shiest connections and family money, they need to make living with their own efforts and apply their minds. Wandering and illness is not in a Saturn plan. They get rewards only if they try hard and apply their knowledge and skills. Success is assured if they try their best efforts.

The mind must be well balanced. The life must be well regulated, and the associates need to be chosen with care.
They have a tendency to hire theirs or people who will not be honest.

They need to handle legal matters with caution and avoid conflicts. In the majority of cases, they need to avoid legal matters – the problem here is once they lose the balance, they can lose the case and people turn against them.

Uranus Card – 4 of Hearts

They must develop intuition and they can manage their dreams to come true through the power of their minds. Once they are calm, they become very balanced and radiate happiness toward other people. They attract like magnets helpful people and lasting contacts. They create a friendly atmosphere at work and at home. The harmony within themselves creates a very productive atmosphere which creates a productive environment as well makes people aspire to work toward soul searching and spiritual goals. These people shall be great at creating non-profits with a cause and help artists and talents – the most vulnerable creative elements of society today.

They also have a talent to find hidden truths and discover other people’s talents. Another good job could be in secret service and social engineering – because these people can deeply and empathetically related to others and smart enough to know how to keep secrets and create legends.

They also need to select a profession that they really like to succeed.

Neptune card – 4 of Diamonds

If these people focus on their spiritual development and are not consumed with their drama and bad habits, life might become easier after 42. It is also advisable for the people to move out of the place where they are born and stay away to living next to the water.

Usually, there is a possibility of inheritance and fruits of their past labor.

Foreign travel and foreign business are going to be successful. Business and pleasure shall be closely connected with the visits to foreign countries.

Somehow 4 of Diamonds to me is the card of fruits of labor and if a person is taking for granted help can end up their dreams crashing. Financial matters can be complicated and devastated if these people stuck with their addictions.

Challenge for Jack of Clubs is a Fear of Established Wisdom.
I am not sure why they fear the established wisdom. It might be that they are like 8 of Hearts people prefer to go against rules and against the flow. They can become very stubborn and rebellious against doing the right thing if one time they lose everything upon doing the right thing. Like if they suffered and lost, and then they go against all rules to get things the easy way and it crashes then even harder.

Birthdays Ruled by Jack of Clubs

January 29: Aquarius. Ruler: Uranus

Best professions are in education, teaching, science, writing. They are inclined to teaching more than to business. They have a great intuition and can study occult and metaphysics. They enjoy helping other people and can create a great non-profit that is focused on humanitarian. They also can be good philosophers, historians, and government officials.

February 27: Pisces. Ruler; Neptune

Restless and have a tendency to disconnect and escape into a dream world. They need to create a lot of contacts and connect with people of wide variety talents. They cannot do routine jobs, and if they do, they can become very nervous. Good promoters and salespeople.
They also have writing talents, can write poetry, short stories and can be good journalists.
They also can have a talent for music, art, and dancing. They can be good at business and investments in real estate, mining, oil. They become depressed when there is a disconnect in their own family. They even can lose business and become completely unproductive. \

March 25: Aries. Ruler: Mars

Fast, smart and capable. Nervous and touchy in relations. Sometimes have a tendency to create problems where there is everything fine. Can be jealous and focus on negative when afraid of losing a partner. Often feel to put upon and unlucky without any evident reasons. Have a tendency to shift blame to others if things do not work out.
Do not make optimistic or easy judgments. Very difficult in private lives. They can be stormy and erratic.

Very valuable people when they are using balance and control. They have plenty of outstanding talents and even can be genius. They can be very argumentative and always can prove their point. They can be influential writers or public speakers.Want and can have a voice in what is on.

April 23: Taurus. Ruler: Venus

Self-concerned and self-indulgent. May have trouble with opposite sex (especially women). They can marry a man who will provide but restrict them in their personal lives. They can have a problem with a health (especially at the older age). Willing to work hard for their goals – especially in art, acting, and music. Interested in politics and always dramatist their part in it. They love to talk and express their ideas in politics and journalism. They want to have a home and dominate in it. They have a tendency – rule or ruin.Attracted to theatre and acting.

May 21: Taurus or Gemini. Ruler: Venus or Mercury

The Taurus birthday makes good actors, writers, directors. Good entertainers.
Gemini birthday is more gifted in writing and journalism, teaching and selling. Both need fast-moving occupation. Fine attorney 9especially trial attorneys). They never seem to grow old and remain young. Good linguists.

These natives prefer to work late or odd hours. They make easy friends and have lots of admirers amount opposite sex.

June 19: Gemini, Ruler: Mercury

Restless and dissatisfied. Always have problems with love and marriage. They seem to be in impossible situations – their partners leave them, they also become unreliable and unavailable and very demanding. They seem not to give in to those who love and care for them and stuck with people who take advantage of them. They seem not to be emotionally intelligent. They often live alone.
They also can be very calculating about relations. If somebody will care and cook for them, they may stay. They may take a job that is well paid and may not like the job. They prefer to have material benefits in the first place.

They should cultivate a sense of service and help others. They have a general interest in politics as well as knowing what is going on in their community. Inclined to laziness and narrow-mindedness. They should avoid travel and not good in investment fields. Somehow they have a hard time to find the spiritual need and like to live with worries and complications.
Men like to date older women who care for them, and they also often bio-sexual.

July 17: Cancer, Ruler: Moon

Strong family ties. Influenced by women of means.
Talented in art and theatre. Usually get good support in business from friends or family ties. They have an eye for the main chance – so they will be looking for a calculating marriage and value every presented opportunity. They are usually narrow-minded. No interested in spiritual development, and daily like ethics and follow general rules to fit in.

They are very sensual and can be moody and like to send a lot and live in luxury for some periods of time.

August 15: Leo, Ruler: Sun

The best venue for success in theatre and movies. These people tend to work better alone and use their own resources to succeed. They should be given full authority in their chosen field. They can be great orchestra directors if their talent lies in music. They always have heavy family responsibilities. They can commercialize any artistic talent, not just heir own. They want recognition and they will achieve it. They are proceeded financially, extravagant and generous.
They also can choose a career in banking, merchandising, publishing. They are good attorneys where oratory is an asset. They can win impossible cases.

September 13: Virgo. Ruler: Mercury

Mental and analytical. They want to be glamorous even it is not that easy. They may be too timid for adventure because they are often not sure of themselves and their abilities. They can be good at having leadership positions in PR and public affairs. They understand business really well and can count. They can be great accountants, ecumenists, and realtors. They often lack vision or imagination. Nervous and skeptical. If they develop talent, they can sell their skills. They hate to be subordinated and bet easily bored at repetitive tasks. They can be very stubborn. It is essential for them to get a good formal education and teach them to dream and be positive and idealistic.

October 11: Libra. Ruler: Venus.

They are very intelligent and talented. Must guard against triviality. They can see the general level of people and may not be interested in study hard because they will think they already know-it-all. They want to be popular and will do everything to become famous. They always will have a hobby which can be more important to their happiness than a profession.

Usually take away a person form the established family.

Anxious to make money from their own efforts. Learn through hard experience and try to commercialize everything they know. Illustrators, commercial painters, advertisers. Make compromises at the expend of their own ideas. They also can become successful attorneys and brokers.

November 9: Scorpio: Ruler: Mars
They should avoid conflicts and become quarrelsome. Emotional and intense. Make excellent actors and writers. Should avoid gambling because they cannot win in a long run. Have secret fears and need to find answers to their own fears. Often associated with politics – it could be a job or family ties.
Early life brings problems in home conditions, so they often leave home early and find a job to support themselves. They often become independent very young.

Succeed as author, researchers, psychologists, dentists, and physicians.

December 7: Sagittarius. Ruler: Jupiter

Original in thoughts and plans, but need to carry them out. They often move several times to establish themselves.
They must play everything by the rules to succeed.

They can be nervous, wondering and have a hard time to concentrate. They can easily become unproductive and negative and set in their own opinions. They are law into themselves whatever they believe in. They have the desire to escape inharmony, yet they need time to understand the importance of spiritual development and the need to master the concentration and meditation.

They must learn to commercialize their abilities. They are good actors, writers, can play instruments. They also are very good at politics and can be good architects. Women often found and prefer to be in men’s jobs.

Both sexes can be bio-sexual or at some poi in their lives date bio-sexual partner.

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