What Means Your Destiny Card

The card associated with your birthday is a symbol of a reservoir of karmic and personality attributes. Your card is not who you truly are. Instead, your card is a description of the traits you have chosen to embody in this lifetime that will help you reach self-actualization. It can give insights to events that repeat themselves over and over again in your life. With this knowledge, you can develop more understanding and compassion for the life you have chosen. You can transcend your card because you are much more than your card! Ultimately, we embody every card in the deck. Yet, we can’t deny the unique traits and patterns symbolized by the cards that influence our daily lives. We can rise above our card’s characteristics and patterns once we fully embrace dark and light aspects of your birth card. Those who think they can rise above the dramas of the card they chose without first embracing them are mistaken. The choice to be born on a certain day reveals exactly what we must learn to love. It is ourselves that we must love, with all the flaws and glories of the unique karmic characteristics and vibrations of the day we chose to enter this world.

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